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Manitoba PageantThe Society’s award-winning magazine Manitoba Pageant was introduced in 1956 as a compliment to Transactions. Both were succeeded in 1980 by our journal Manitoba History. The magazine contains a wealth of information on topics of interest to a wide range of readers. Selections from Pageant were reprinted in the early 1990s as Pioneer Life and Manitoba Personalities. These collections may be purchased from the MHS Office.

The contents of each issue of Manitoba Pageant are listed below.

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April 1956

How Manitoba Got Its Name by Hartwell Bowsfield

The Coat of Arms by Irene Craig

The Great Seal of the Province

From Postage Stamp to Keystone by Douglas Kemp

Red River Cart by Olive Knox

Red River Surveys by Irene Craig

Are You Sure? by Barbara Johnstone

Place Names by Irene Craig

The Ukrainian Canadians by Paul Yuzyk

Lord Selkirk by Elisabeth Henderson

September 1956

Red River Cart Trains by Olive Knox

Jews in Manitoba by Rabbi Arthur A. Chiel

A Manitoba Ghost Town by Hartwell Bowsfield

The Golden Boy by Irene Craig

Stories Stamps Tell by Douglas Kemp

The Early Selkirk Settlement by Margaret E. McBeth

Peguis - Friend of the Pale Face by Nan Shipley

When Grandpa was a Boy by Elisabeth Henderson

Place Names by Irene Craig

Morse Code for Manitoba by Dorothy Garbutt

A Red River Settlement Custom by William Douglas

The Old Swimming Hole by Dorothy Garbutt

January 1957

Meet John Tanner by Hartwell Bowsfield

Buffalo Hunting in the West - from Martin McLeod’s Journal

The York Boat by William L. Morton

When the Province of Manitoba was Born by Alice Brown

Alexander Henry’s Hen by Irene Craig

The Big Woman Befriends the Sioux by Douglas Kemp

Early Houses in Winnipeg by Lillian Gibbons

Northern Manitoba Place Names by John Boulette

A Manitoba Flashback

How "The Crossing" Became the Town of Selkirk by Dorothy Garbutt

Icelandic People in Manitoba by W. Kristjanson


Lopsticks by Irene Craig

April 1957

The Lady of the Lamp by Irene Craig

The Walking Plough by William L. Morton

Summertime, Adventuretime

First Polish Settlers in Manitoba by Rev. E. M. Hubicz

Stroll Across Our Swinging Bridge by Mrs. V. H. Sangwine

Norway House by Rev. Kenneth C. McLeod

Manitoba Time Line 1610-1870

On Snowshoes for Wheat by Edgar S. Russenholt

Ross House by H. K. Davis

The Law Marched West by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Steamboat Holiday by Molly McFadden

The Rise and Fall of Emerson by Marjorie Forrester

September 1957, Vol. 3, No. 1

Remains of the Redman by Marshall Lowen

Early Houses in Winnipeg by Lillian Gibbons

The Sod Shack by Hazel A. Parkinson

The Cradle of Winnipeg History by Harry Shave

Early Visitors by Irene Craig

Selkirk’s 75th Anniversary by Elsie McKay

The Young Artist of the Red River by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Early Days in Brandon by Hartwell Bowsfield

Henry Budd by Rev. T. C. B. Boon

Joseph Burr Tyrrell by Barbara Johnstone

"And There Was Light" by Barbara Johnstone

Lake Winnipeg Place Names by John Boulette

The Founder of the Isbister Scholarships by H. C. Knox

York Factory on the Bay - Historic Post Closes by Malvina Bolus

Reminiscences by the late Ruth Moody Hooker

January 1958, Vol. 3, No. 2

Indian Place Names

He Was There by Aileen Garland

A Fur Trade Romance by Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Mill Stones at Fairford by Rev. Canon M. Sanderson

Three Weeks with a Red River Cart-Train, Part 1 by Olive Knox

Captain Ross - Laird of the River by R. J. Taylor

Our First Newspaper by Aileen Garland

The Legend of the White Horse Plain by Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Comments on the Wood Cree Indian

Henry Kelsey Reaches the Land of the Buffalo

Winnipeg in 1869

When Bobby Came to Main Street by Irene Craig

From a Surveyor’s Field Notes

April 1958, Vol. 3, No. 3

The Grey Nun’s Home, St. Boniface by Lillian Gibbons

Brandon and the Saskatchewan Rebellion by McDonald Coleman

The Ten Commandments in Cree by Rev. W. H. Davis

Pioneer Harvest at Dauphin, Manitoba by Mrs. B. C. Goodhand

The Special Survey by Douglas Kemp

Homestead Holiday by Edgar S. Russenholt

Three Weeks with a Red River Cart-Train, Part 2 by Olive Knox

Excerpt from ’Medicine in Manitoba’ by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Red River Resourcefulness in 1852 by Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Rivalry in the Fur Trade - Excerpt from Simpson’s Athabasca Journal with an introduction by A. E. Brown

Sixteen Years in the Indian Country

September 1958, Vol. 4, No. 1

Young Mr. Fitzgerald by Elisabeth Henderson

A Historical Trip - by the Buffaloes Junior Chapter, St. John’s High School, Winnipeg

Alexandre Desautels dit Lapointe, Oldest St. Boniface College Student by Madame Annette Dubuc Hebert

A "Princess" is Launched by Molly McFadden

First Lady of the Rails by Fred Morrison

Reminiscences of St. Paul’s Industrial School by Rev. Canon M. Sanderson

Money of the Early Days by H. C. Taylor

Dr. John Rae by Dr. Ross Mitchell

January 1959, Vol. 4, No. 2

How Dr. Schultz Escaped from Jail by Lillian Gibbons

Kipling in Winnipeg by Kennethe M. Haig

A Town Gets Its Name by Peter Brown

The Historical Sites Advisory Board by Hartwell Bowsfield

The Boy With the Boot by Betty Jane Wylie

Seven Oaks House Opened as a Museum by Frank Hall

Sir John A. Macdonald’s Granddaughter by Lillian Gibbons

Story of a Fur Trader by Barbara A. Johnstone

Inscriptions in Manitoba by William M. Hugill

The Man Who Make Birch Bark Talk by Irene Craig

April 1959, Vol. 4, No. 3

Manitoba’s Floral Emblem by Irene Craig

Manitoba’s Legislative Council by Murray S. Donnelly

Winnipeg’s Horse-Car Service by Walter E. Bradley

Grey Owl’s Christmas Story by Hartwell Bowsfield

Grantown by William L. Morton

Pioneers of the West by Harry Shave

The First of Many by Molly McFadden

Pioneer Politicking by Hartwell Bowsfield

Wolseley’s Intelligence Officer: William Francis Butler (1838-1910) by Dr. Ross Mitchell

William Garrioch and the Swan River Valley by Fred A. Twilley

Samuel Hearne: Explorer and Naturalist by Richard Glover

History Lives in Point Douglas Street Names by Lillian Gibbons

September 1959, Vol. 5, No. 1

The Black Killer by Robert Tyre

Those Women by Irene Craig

Reminiscences of a Manitoba Suffragette by Lillian Beynon Thomas

The Fabulous Scot by A. F. (Dick) McKenzie

Early Harvesting by Hazel McDonald Parkinson

Editorial from the Nor’Wester

Louis Riel’s Last Letter

Recollections of an Indian Missionary by Rev. Maurice Sanderson

January 1960, Vol. 5, No. 2

Manitoba Place Names

The Boy Who Lived in a Badger Hole by Hartwell Bowsfield

The Winnipeg Wolf by Hartwell Bowsfield

John Christian Schultz, MD by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Sheep Drive from Kentucky by Alexander Ross

The Old Pembina Trail by William Douglas

Nice to Grow Up In by Hilda Hesson

Odanah by Florence M. Brown

The Red River Buffalo Hunt by Alexander Ross

An Interesting Item

April 1960, Vol. 5, No. 3

Backward with Aladdin by Elisabeth Henderson

The Incorporation of Winnipeg by Jeff Gee (J. F. Galbraith)

The Fenian Invasion of 1871 by Alexander Begg and Walter R. Nursey

Chief Crowfoot and the Priest Who Became President of the Canadian Pacific Railway by Betty Woods

On the Trail in the Forties, Part 1 by Rev. Alonzo Barnard

"Honourable John" by Grant MacEwan

From "The Red River Expedition" by Capt. G. L. Huyshe

The Indian Treaties of the North West by Douglas Kemp

September 1960, Vol. 6, No. 1

Butler’s Mission by Ross Mitchell

The Kidnapping of Sister Ste. Therese by Margaret Arnett MacLeod

Poundmaker by Lillian Gibbons

The Medical Pooh-Bah of Rupert’s Land by a descendant of Dr. John Bunn

Place Names by Hartwell Bowsfield

Pioneer Shopping by Irene Craig

January 1961, Vol. 6, No. 2

Red River School Day - 1871 by Betty Woods

Utilities Now and Then by Irene Craig

John Higgins and Higgins Avenue by Ross Mitchell

On the Trail in the Forties, Part 2 by Rev. Alonzo Barnard

The Early Manitoba Legislature

So Times Have Changed

The Criddle Family by Lillian Gibbons with postscript by Alice Brown

The Past Meets the Present by Molly McFadden

The Shadow of the Stars and Stripes by A. S. Burt

April 1961, Vol. 6, No. 3

Immigration by Hartwell Bowsfield

Hudson Bay by Clara Norquay

Steamboats to the Rescue, 1897 by Molly McFadden

Medicine on the Rocks, The Strange Tale of the Ojibwa Mosaics by Frank Hall

The Grand Rapids Tramway, An Abandoned Route of the Fur Trade by Marcile

Pro Pelle Cutem, The Hudson’s Bay Company Motto by E. E. Rich

A Great Turn of the Tide by A. L. Burt

When Mail Came Only Twice a Year by Peter Thomson

September 1961, Vol. 7, No. 1

The Red River Jig by David Bolton

Faction Friction by Pat and Terry Mooney

The Republic of Manitobah by Hartwell Bowsfield

A New Monument on the Legislative Building Grounds by Paul Yuzyk

The Hutterites by Victor Peters

Manitoba Anniversaries

Russell’s Pioneer Days by Harold Coulter

The Crocus-Loving Consul by Irene Craig

"Broken Arm" as a Peace-Maker

Prairie Fires in the Eighties

January 1962, Vol. 7, No. 2

Fort Douglas Recaptured - From Miles Macdonell’s Journal and the Narrative of John Tanner introduction by Alice Brown

The Buffalo Hunters Fight the Sioux by William L. Morton

Hoops Versus Whiskers - A Letter to the Editors of the Nor’Wester in 1861

Whiskers Versus Hoops - A Letter to the Editors of the Nor’Wester in 1861

Brandon House by Dr. Ross Mitchell

The Origin of Mosquitoes - A Red River Legend, 1870

A Manitoba Indian Legend, 1872

Some Historic Chairs of Manitoba by Lillian Gibbons

Must York Factory Become a Ruin? by Betty Woods

April 1962, Vol. 7, No. 3

Lord Selkirk Settlers by William L. Morton

A Brief Chronology of Events Relative to Lord Selkirk’s Settlement at Red River, 1811 to 1815 compiled by Alice E. Brown

Excerpts from Miles Macdonell’s Journal for the Period August 22 to December 25, 1812

Calculation of the Cost of Living at Red River in 1819 by John Pritchard

The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land by Anne M. Henderson

Reluctant Recruits

In Memorium: Harriet Jane Barber Graham by Lillian Gibbons

September 1962, Vol. 8, No. 1

Chronology of Events in the History of the Red River Settlement by Alice Brown

Excerpts from the Journal of Colin Robertson edited by Alice Brown

The Red River Parish by Douglas Kemp

From Postage Stamp to Keystone by Douglas Kemp

January 1963, Vol. 8, No. 2

The Story of Deleau by Bob Robson

Distinguished Descendant of the Selkirk Settlers by Paul Yuzyk

Susan of Gillam by J. M. McLeod

Winnipeg’s Cenotaph by Betty Jane Wylie

A Passionate Adventure by Alice F. Loomis

Red River Salt Makers, 1908

The Hon. James McKay, Gentleman, Jurist and Pioneer by J. R. Bothwell

The Journal of Daily Occurrences at Hudson’s Bay Co. Forts by Isaac Cowie

A Sword from the Past by Lillian Gibbons

Fleeing Flogger Flayed

April 1963, Vol. 8, No. 3

Peter Fidler by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Why We Were Not Annexed to Canada, 1860

Canada Contrives to Complete Confederation

Homestead Life in the 1880s

The Story of Our Buffalo by William Douglas

The Post Office, 1860

Overland to the Goldfields, 1860

Governor Miles MacDonnell Writes to Bishop Plessis of Quebec, 1816 by Cornelius J. Jaenan

Riel Finally Departs

The Departure of the Freemen

Book Review: Cuthbert Grant of Grantown by Margaret Arnett MacLeod and William L. Morton by Douglas Kemp

September 1963, Vol. 9, No. 1

A Brief Chronology of Events Relatives to Lord Selkirk’s Settlement at Red River, 1811-1934 compiled by Alice Brown (REPRINT)

Excerpts from Miles Macdonell’s Journal for the Period August 22 to December 25, 1812 (REPRINT)

January 1964, Vol. 9, No. 2

Assiniboine River Yields a "Prairie Queen" to SCUBA Divers by Betty Woods

Centenary of the Departure of Bishop David Anderson from the Red River in 1864 by T. C. B. Boon

Making Birch Bark Talk by Dr. Ross Mitchell

A Meeting of the Council of Assiniboia, Red River Settlement, February 27th, 1855

Lightning From Water by D. S. G. Ross

A Buffalo Hunt by Cornelius J. Jaenan

Ross House by F. Hughes

The Bishop’s Sister Lays the Corner Stone by Lillian Gibbons

April 1964, Vol. 9, No. 3

The Commercial Capital of Rupert’s Land, an Excerpt from "The Company of Adventurers" by Isaac Cowie

A Red River Industry, an Excerpt from "The Red River Settlement" by Alexander Ross

A Language of Their Own, an Excerpt from "Life in the Early West" by Margaret Arnett MacLeod, MHS Transactions III-4

The Pathos of Change, an Excerpt from "The Making of the Canadian West" by R. G. MacBeth

Manitoba Time Line, 1870-1920

Declaration of the People of Rupert’s Land and the North-West

New Iceland, an Excerpt from an Article by S. J. Sommerville, MHS Transactions III

The Battle at Grand Couteau, an Excerpt from an Article by William L. Morton, MHS Transactions III-16

Autumn 1964, Vol. 10, No. 1

Mukwa Ininni - The Bear Man by Hartwell Bowsfield

Spring Time in No-Man’s Land by Alvin B. Carleton

Dominion Day

Opening up the North-West, August 18, 1864

The Confederation of the Provinces, October 17, 1864

Frederick Philip Grove, 1871-1948 by Dr. Ross Mitchell

To Winnipeg Beach by Car in 1921 by C. E. Parker

A Famous Winnipeg Creek by Harry Shave

Immigration, April 14, 1860

Red River Settlement and the Toronto Board of Trade, March 28, 1860

How We Commenced Business, February 28, 1860

Winter 1965, Vol. 10, No. 2

How to Collect the History of Your District

Maryland Bridge is Falling Down

The Discovery by Gwain Hamilton

A New Light

The Annual Migration

Red River Settlement and Confederation

Dr. William Cowan by Dr. Ross Mitchell

A Centennial House by Rossel Vien

Some "Nixies" of Manitoba by C. E. Parker

Spring 1965, Vol. 10, No. 3

Largest Art Gallery in Manitoba by Frank Hall

Indian Tales by Hartwell Bowsfield

Jean-Baptiste and Marie-Anne by Rossel Vien

First Avenue North - Winnipeg by C. E. Parker

The Future of the North-West, June 20, 1868

Early Winnipeg Boom Makes History by Harry Shave

The Buffalo by Hartwell Bowsfield

Autumn 1965, Vol. 11, No. 1

Centennial News

What Can this Country Offer to the Immigrants of 1869, from Nor’Wester January 22, 1869

Metis ’Soldiers’ by Gwain Hamilton

Andrew Graham Ballenden Bannatyne, 1829-1889: First Citizen of Winnipeg by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Robert Logan and Fort Douglas by Hartwell Bowsfield

Winnipeg in 1881 by W. Fraser Rae

Manitoban Wins Award

The "Disorganized" Municipalities of Manitoba by C. E. Parker

Winter 1966, Vol. 11, No. 2

Centennial News

Lieutenant Governors of Manitoba, 1870-1965

Premiers of Manitoba, 1870-1965

St. Boniface and Archbishop Tache in 1881 by W. Fraser Rae

Radisson in Hudson Bay by Hartwell Bowsfield

W. J. Sisler - a Great Canadian by Harry Shave

Lord Dufferin by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Lord Dufferin’s Speech in Winnipeg 1877

The North West

The Future of This Country

Spring 1966, Vol. 11, No. 3

Centennial News

McDougall and the Metis by Harry Shave

Samuel Hearne by George B. Mainwaring

St. Andrews Locks by Hartwell Bowsfield

Red River Flood - 1826

Red River Flood - 1852

Digging into the Exciting Past by Lillian Gibbons

Autumn 1966, Vol. 12, No. 1

Entire issue devoted to a selection of drawings by Lieutenant George E. Finlay of the 6th Regiment of Foot which was stationed in Red River Settlement 1846-1848:

  • Troopships
  • Hudson Strait 1846
  • York Factory 1846
  • Hayes River 1846
  • Holy Lake 1846
  • Oxford House 1848
  • Norway House 1846
  • Lower Fort Garry 1847
  • Interior room, Fort Garry
  • Upper Fort Garry 1846
  • Upper Fort Garry 1847
  • St. Boniface Cathedral 1847
  • Assiniboine River and Upper Fort Garry, 1847
  • Farm home, Red River 1846
  • Horse-drawn wagon, Red River 1847
  • Duck hunters, Lake Manitoba 1847
  • Indian lodge, Red River 1848
  • Ojibway canoe on Red River cart 1847
  • Tandem sleigh, Lower Fort Garry 1847
  • Officer in small sleigh 1846
  • Officers and men in winter dress
  • Bugler boy in winter dress
  • Private in winter dress
  • Swampy Cree Indian

Winter 1967, Vol. 12, No. 2

A Tale of the Red River Carts by Frank Hall

The Building of Fort Prince of Wales by Joseph Robson

Mosquito Control in Winnipeg by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Photographs from an Historical-Architectural Survey:

The Lake Superior Route, from The Nor’Wester

Commercial Intercourse with Minnesota, from The Nor’Wester

Red River Trade, from The Nor’Wester

Spring 1967, Vol. 12, No. 3

Photographs from set of prints in the Provincial Archives of Manitoba:

Autumn 1967, Vol. 13, No. 1

The Lord Selkirk Settlement at Red River, Part 1 by Anne M. Henderson

Mile MacDonell’s Letter to Lord Selkirk 1811


Winter 1968, Vol. 13, No. 2

The Lord Selkirk Settlement at Red River, Part 2 by Anne M. Henderson

Robert Logan of Red River by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Spring 1968, Vol. 13, No. 3

The Lord Selkirk Settlement at Red River, Part 3 by Anne M. Henderson

Colonel Wolseley’s Proclamation, from Alexander Begg’s Red River Journal

Autumn 1968, Vol. 14, No. 1

The Red River Carts by Harry B. Brehaut

Location for "The Passage" by J. S. McMahon

York Factory Saved by Frank Hall

Winter 1969, Vol. 14, No. 2

Some Photographic Highlights of the Architectural Historical Survey of Manitoba by Norman C. H. Russell

UFO at Red River?

Spring 1969, Vol. 14, No. 3

Carlton Trail - First Western Highway by Frank Hall

Travel Synoptic - Manitoba Circuit 1880 and Western Canada 1932

Extracts from an Account of a Journey from York Factory to Norway House in 1845 by R. M. Ballantyne

Sod Barns and Mud Houses, from Nor’Wester Farmer and Miller, July 1890

Anachronism (Winnipeg’s First "Motel") submitted by Leonard A. Reid

Prelude to a Province by Frank Hall

Autumn 1969, Vol. 15, No. 1

Birth Pangs of a National Park by Charles T. Thomas

History and Hospitality - Some Highlights of a Field Trip, June 21-22 by Kathleen Sinclair

Winter 1970, Vol. 15, No. 2

How Manitoba Got its Name by Frank Hall

Origin of Manitoba, an Over-Simplified Plaque by C.V.

Source of the Name Manitoba by J. J. Wilson

What’s in the Name of Manitoba by Henry McKay

Spring 1970, Vol. 15, No. 3

Prologue - A Button symposium

Letter of Credence

A Condensation, Not Ripe for His Sickle by Blanche Parker

The Button Name and Lineage by Edith Steenson

Button Bay by Edward John Button

Admiral Sir Thomas Button by Dr. Ross Mitchell

Autumn 1970, Vol. 16, No. 1

The First Manitobans

Manitoba Indians

Manitoba’s First Company

Memorial Flashback

Winter 1971, Vol. 16, No. 2

The Letters of Arthur Sherwood preface by S. W. Jackman

Spring 1971, Vol. 16, No. 3

La Verendrye and Manitoba’s First Mine by George F. Reynolds

Early Environs of Morden by Howard W. Winkler

Nameless Trail by Allister Grant Morden

Memorable Trip to Fort St. Charles by George Florence

Bottles! Bottles! Any Old Bottles? by Stanley S. Silver

Whither the Weather? by Mary Lile Benham

A Mysterious Canadian Ensign by James B. Stanton

Autumn 1971, Vol. 17, No. 1

Letters of Egerton Ryerson Young preface by Harcourt Brown

My Father’s Steamboats by Mary Agnes Medd

Pioneering in Southern Manitoba by Jessie Mann

Disappearance of Hector Jordan by Margaret Van Dusen

Winter 1972, Vol. 17, No. 2

Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt During the North West Rebellion, Part 1 by W. J. McLean

A Story of Beat Meat (Pemmican)

Mrs. John Tanner, 104 years old, from Binscarth

Winnipeg Looking North From Near Upper Fort Garry, 1870 by Kemp

The Red River Rebellion by Peter McArthur

Extracts from the Political Memoirs of H. W. Winkler, Part 1

A Few Notes on Old Deloraine by William Harold Bell

The Fenian raids, 1866-1870 by James B. Stanton

Spring 1972, Vol. 17, No. 3

Running the Winnipeg River, 1870 by Colonel Samuel Benfield Steele

A Few Recollections of the Asessippi Country by James A. Johnston

Extracts from the Political Memoirs of H. W. Winkler, Part 2

Deloraine Presbyterian Church, The Story of a Checkered Career by Margaret Renton

Souris City by Clifford R. McFadden

Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt During the North West Rebellion, Part 2 by W. J. McLean

Autumn 1972, Vol. 18, No. 1

Macdonald House - Exercise in Restoration by Eileen Pruden

Fate of a Fur Trader by Alexander MacArthur

Death of a Savant - 1887

Political Memoirs of H. W. Winkler, Part 3

The Four Corners of Dufferin and King by Elizabeth Cam

Winnipeg’s Market Square by Randy R. Rostecki

Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt during the Northwest Rebellion, Part 3 by W. J. McLean

Winter 1973, Vol. 18, No. 2

A Manitoba Memorial in British Columbia by Alan L. Crossin

Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt during the Northwest Rebellion, Part 4 by W. J. McLean

Political Memoirs of H. W. Winkler, Part 4

Camperville and Duck Bay, Part 1 - Camperville, Berens River by Gwen Palmer

Diary of a Mennonite Delegation, 1873 by Lawrence Klippenstein

Tales of Asessippi: The Robbery at Asessippi by A. R. Devlin

Atmospheric Environment Plaque for Minnedosa by Florence M. Brown

Spring 1973, Vol. 18, No. 3

Jacob Y. Shantz - Narrative of a Journey to Manitoba introduction by Lawrence Klippenstein

Camperville and Duck Bay, Part 2 - Duck Bay by Gwen Palmer

Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt during the Northwest Rebellion, Part 5 by W. J. McLean

Political Memoirs of H. W. Winkler, Part 5

The Red River Rebellion by Peter MacArthur

Literary Policemen, Manitoba Free Press, 1886

Autumn 1973, Vol. 19, No. 1

Tales of Asessippi: The Tent Store at Asessippi 1919 by A. R. Devlin

Thirst Dance of the Cree Indians by W. J. McLean

Manitoba’s Own Mounties by Frank Hall

The MacArthurs - A Pioneer Family by Irene M. Saunders

Rescuing the Schultzes, 1870 by Peter MacArthur

Selections from the Unpublished Autobiography of the Right Rev. William Cyprian Pinkham

The Smallpox Epidemic of 1876-77 in the Icelandic Settlements by W. A. Baldwin edited by Lillian Gibbons

Loftus Morton Fortier by Thomas D. Fortier

Minnedosa Landmark Preserved by E. M. Macdonald

Winter 1974, Vol. 19, No. 2

My Dear Campbell by W. Leland Clark

The Great Grain Blockade, 1887-88 by Tony Doerksen

Tales of Asessippi: Christmas at Asessippi, 1915 by A. R. Devlin

The Stable Lantern by Helen Waugh

Selections from the Unpublished Recollections of Mrs. W. C. Pinkham, an early Manitoban, Part 1

The Brauns of Osterwick by Peter Brown reviewed by Lawrence Klippenstein

Locomotive CN 6043 by John C. Campeau

Spring 1974, Vol. 19, No. 3

City of Winnipeg - Offspring of Conflicting Passions by Frank Hall

Winnipeg’s Oldest House by Lillian Gibbons

Winnipeg’s Post Offices by Don Fraser

The Nuyttens of Belgian Town by Raymonde Loudfoot

Selections from the Unpublished Recollections of Mrs. W. C. Pinkham, Part 2

La Verendrye by Dr. Edward C. Shaw

The Honourable James MacKay

Autumn 1974, Vol. 20, No. 1

The Story of 100 Years of Cricket in Manitoba by William Weighton

Dominion Day Brawl on the White Horse Plains by Tony Doerksen

Selections from the Unpublished Recollections of Mrs. W. C. Pinkham, Part 3

Biography of Christian Fahrni, Part 1 by Gordon S. Fahrni

The Nuyttens of Belgian town - A Post Script by Raymonde Loudfoot

Winter 1975, Vol. 20, No. 2

Once Upon a Homestead by Helen Waugh

Memories of Fort Churchill by Anne Ellen Inkster

Lord Dufferin Trail at Gimli, 1877 by Michael Ewanchuk

Biography of Christian Fahrni, Part 2 by Gordon S. Fahrni

Spring 1975, Vol. 20, No. 3

John ‘Falcon’ Tanner’s Death by Dr. Peter Lorenz Neufeld

A Winter Journey, 1879 from the Birtle Eye-Witness

Early Post Offices in Manitoba by Harold Wilding and Don Fraser

Stony Mountain’s Unrecorded Railway Loop, 1881 to 1891 by Norman Gorman

Biography of Christian Fahrni, Part 3 by Gordon S. Fahrni

Summer 1975, Vol. 20, No. 4

Nellie McClung by Betty Burton

Harriet Dick - A Lady Ahead of Her Time by Linda McDowell

Beyond the Call of Duty by Marjory Bellamy

Autumn 1975, Vol. 21, No. 1

The History of Thanksgiving by A. D. “Tony” Doerksen

Dr. Charlotte W. Ross - Manitoba’s Pioneer Woman Doctor by Helen Pollitt Smith

Manitoba Settlement and the Mennonite West Reserve by Lawrence Klippenstein

Catherine Sutherland of Point Douglas - Woman of Head and Heart by Laurie Tegelberg

The Reconstruction of Grant’s Mill by Francis Walker “Frank” Armstrong

Winter 1976, Vol. 21, No. 2

The Solomon of the Traplines by Helen Pollitt Smith

Norquays in the Red River Disturbances by Ellen Cooke

Document - Lord Selkirk’s Treaty with the Indians, July 18, 1817

The Interurbans of Winnipeg by Brian Huzel

Memories of My First Christmas Eve in Manitoba by Henry Rose

Prospect School, 1876-1880 by Norman J. Williamson

Spring 1976, Vol. 21, No. 3

A Pioneer Journey by Laura Shanks

The Old Flour Mill at Minnedosa by Ed J. Brown

Old Pinawa by Helen Pollitt Smith

The Early History of the Cauchon Block, Later the Empire Hotel by Randy R. Rostecki

Summer 1976, Vol. 21, No. 4

"On With the Dance..." - Historic Balls in Manitoba by Lillian Gibbons and D. McDowell

Recollections of Beausejour and the Manitoba Glass Works, 1909-1911 by John Charles Reifschneider

Winnipeg’s First Labour Unions by David Spector

Lansdowne College: A Product of the Depression of 1885 by Norman J. Williamson

Autumn 1976, Vol. 22, No. 1

The 1883 Locomotive Engineers’ Strike in the Canadian North West by David Spector

Looking Back - The Pioneers of Victoria Beach, from the Victoria Beach News

Recollections of Virden, 1882 by Rev. F. C. J. McLeod

The Brandon Wheat Kings - 1887 Vintage by A. D. “Tony” Doerksen

A House with Many Memories 1902-1976 by William J. Fraser

The Diary of Ellen McFadden Lowes 1882-1886, Part 1

Winter 1977, Vol. 22, No. 2

Oh Be Joyful by Frank Hall

Gardens Along the Right of Way by Aileen Garland

Western Local Mennonite Teachers Conference - an Early Minute Book by Lawrence Klippenstein

The Diary of Ellen McFadden Lowes 1882-1886, Part 2

Spring 1977, Vol. 22, No. 3

Some Settlement Patterns in the Area of Portage la Prairie by Norman J. Williamson

Winnipeg’s City Halls 1876-1965 by Alan F. J. Artibise

The Selkirk Settlers in Jones County by William E. Corbin

The Bridge That Was by Helen Pollitt Smith

Summer 1977, Vol. 22, No. 4

An Index to Volumes 11-22 of Manitoba Pageant

Autumn 1977, Vol. 23, No. 1

Bawlf House by Lillian Gibbons

Main Street’s Spectral Haunt by Randy R. Rostecki

The University of Manitoba - Pictures from the Past

Historic Bas de la Riviere, Part 1 by Norman J. Williamson

Winter 1978, Vol. 23, No. 2

Little Britain by Chris Johnstone

Historic Bas de la Rivière, Part 2 by Norman J. Williamson

Assignment: The 1885 Rebellion by W. Leland Clark

Spring 1978, Vol. 23, No. 3

Killarney Memories by J. C. Treleaven

The Country Railroad Station of Manitoba by Charles W. Bohi and H. Roger Grant

The Metis: Contemporary Problem of Identity by A. S. Lussier

A Short History of the Kola School District No. 601 by E. B. Weldon

Summer 1978, Vol. 23, No. 4

Breaking Sod at Turtle Mountain by A. S. Hurt

John Gunion Rutherford - A Famous Manitoba Veterinarian by David Spector

The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions by A. S. Lussier

Recollections of a Journey, 1872

Tecumseh School District No. 34, 1877-1977 by Anne M. Henderson

Autumn 1978, Vol. 24, No. 1

The World of Helen Gordon by J. King Gordon

Architect Wheeler Lives by Lillian Gibbons

Winter 1979, Vol. 24, No. 2

The Building of the Winnipeg Aqueduct by Cornelius S. Prodan

Elma Memories by John Gilewich

Horse Racing at River Park by Harry Rudd

Westward to Birtle, 1882

Bishop Grandin Remembered by William J. Fraser

Some Notes on a Pioneer Family - the Larocques of San Clara by Eva Durnin

Council Minutes - Red River Settlement, District of Assiniboia, June 16, 1837

Spring 1979, Vol. 24, No. 3

The First Half Century: A Sketch of the Early Years of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba by David A. Stewart

Captain Large’s Prairie Riverboat by Roy W. Brown

Carberry and its Search for Industry by T. O. Brown and J. C. Everitt

Winnipeg Through the Lens of L. B. Foote, Photographer

Fraser’s Grove, from the Thomas Norquay Papers

Summer 1979, Vol. 24, No. 4

Grand Valley, a Boom Town 1878-1885 by Isabelle B. Heeney

Some Manitoba Place Names by Aileen Garland

One Hundred Years Young by D. McDowell

Historic Flood Profile - City of Winnipeg by Ralph C. Baker

Letters from Elkhorn 1887-1890

Lake Named to Honour Angus and Bernice MacIver by Ina Broadfoot

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