David Spector


David Spector is a retired Winnipeg-based historian and former Parks Canada research manager. He has published numerous articles and reports throughout his career, primarily focusing in the history of Western Canada. Having a life-long interest in the subject, he researched and wrote Assiniboine Park: Designing and Developing a People's Playground (2019) as a retirement pastime. He also leads hikes and historical walks for Nature Manitoba.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Winnipeg’s First Labour Unions
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 21, Number 4, Summer 1976

The 1883 Locomotive Engineers’ Strike in the Canadian North West
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 22, Number 1, Autumn 1976

John Gunion Rutherford - A Famous Manitoba Veterinarian
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 23, Number 4, Summer 1978

The Buildings of the Winnipeg-Based Union and Northern Crown Banks: A Glimpse into Early Twentieth Century Corporate Architecture
Manitoba History, Number 21, Spring 1991

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