Randolph Richard “Randy” Rostecki

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Randy Rostecki
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Born in Winnipeg into a family of collectors, and having earned a BA Honours in History from the University of Winnipeg and an MA in History from the University of Manitoba, he worked for federal and provincial heritage agencies before becoming an historical consultant in 1990. He has written four books and won three Margaret McWilliams Awards. His most recent book (2009) is Armstrong’s Point: A History. In recognition of research and writings on Winnipeg’s built heritage, he has received a Distinguished Service Award from Heritage Winnipeg and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion (2013).

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Some Old Winnipeg Buildings
MHS Transactions, Series 3, Number 29, 1972-73 Season

Winnipegs Market Square
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 18, Number 1, Autumn 1972

The Early History of the Cauchon Block, Later the Empire Hotel
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 21, Number 3, Spring 1976

Main Streets Spectral Haunt
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 23, Number 1, Autumn 1977

Eric Wells, Winnipeg: Where the New West Begins, An Illustrated History
Manitoba History, Number 7, Spring 1984

Marilyn Baker, Symbol in Stone: The Art and Politics of a Public Building
Manitoba History, Number 14, Autumn 1984

Greetings from Winnipeg: Views of a Changing City
Manitoba History, Number 55, June 2007

From Backwater to Park: The Forks in Relation to Downtown Winnipeg
The Forks and the Battle of Seven Oaks in Manitoba History

MHS Resources: Manitoba Bricks and Blocks

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