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Manitoba Organization: Scientific Club of Winnipeg

The Club was founded in the fall of 1905 by a group of scientists at the University of Manitoba who had been hired the previous year. They proposed establishing a small private society to “discuss new and current scientific questions and it is hoped that such discussion would act as a stimulus to original research on the part of the members.” Eight men attended the inaugural meeting on 24 October 1905. The Club met every two weeks, usually at the campus of the University. The program consisted of a scientific presentation by one of the members followed by discussion, then biscuits with coffee.

The Club grew from its initial membership of eight, to 18 later in the first year of operation. Eight members were added in 1906-7, fifteen more in 1907-8, and eight more in 1908-9, at which point a temporary limit of 40 was imposed on the membership. Due to popular demand it increased gradually to 100 in 1926. Despite the name of the Club, its members were not all scientists; in fact, they came from all walks of life. Physicians were prominent among its members although their numbers were restricted to half of total membership. Women were barred from formal membership in the Club until much later in its history, although they occasionally attended meetings as guests of members.

A $300 Club Prize was initiated to support student research and, in April 1920, members wrote to the Hudson’s Bay Company, suggesting that, in commemoration of its 250th anniversary, they donate a sum of money to be used to sponsor fellowships. The company agreed to donate $15,000 for ten fellowships of $1,500 each to be awarded over a period of ten years.

Club meetings continued until 1981 when it was disbanded and records consisting of its constitution, membership, attendance and committee lists, notices of meetings, annual reports, papers, abstracts, questionnaires, correspondence, and minute books were donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.


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Hyman D. Gesser (1929-2014)

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Zipursky, A.

See also:

Science Comes to Manitoba by Harry W. Duckworth and Gordon Goldsborough
Manitoba History, Number 47, Spring/Summer 2004

Reginald Buller: The Poet-Scientist of Mushroom City by Gordon Goldsborough
Manitoba History, Number 47, Spring/Summer 2004


This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 20 January 2019

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