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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Beauchemin School / Charleswood School No. 826 (Roblin Boulevard, Winnipeg)

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The Charleswood School District was established formally in August 1894, and a wood frame school operated on lots 59 and 60, donated by local resident Pat Beauchemin, in what would later become the Municipality of Charleswood, now a suburb of Winnipeg. In 1914, the original schoolhouse was replaced at the site by a two-storey, red brick building designed by Winnipeg architect E. D. Tuttle. Initially named Beauchemin School, it was later renamed Charleswood School. By the 1930s, the school hosted grades 1 to 11 in three of its four classrooms, with the fourth room used as the municipal office. An indoor recreation facility was in the basement along with bathrooms that lacked running water. In 1951, it became Charleswood Consolidated School No. 2327, merging with Loudoun School No. 1511 and Chapman School No. 1677.

Charleswood School closed in 1956 and henceforth students went to other newly-constructed schools in the area: Beaumont School, Dieppe School, or Royal School. High school students went to Chapman School for a time until Charleswood Collegiate was built. The former Charleswood School building was taken over by the Royal Canadian Legion, which used it as a Legion Hall until a new structure was erected. The building was demolished in 1969.





Albina Marie Bleau (1897-1982)




George Morgan Wade (1894-1984)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (1899-1990)




George Lecoq (1905-2000)




Louis Erwin “Lewis” Gendron (1896-1973)


Benjamin Franklin Olson (1898-1981)


Alice Marie Rousseau


Ernest Friesen Reimer (1909-1999)


Irvin Labovitch


Lillian Eva Elizabeth Robertson


School Year



Mrs. Maud P. Hill (intermediate grades), Netta McArthur (primary grades), George M. Wade (grades 9-11)


George M. Wade (collegiate grades)


George M. Wade (collegiate grades)


George M. Wade (collegiate grades)


E. C. Cameron (? grades), J. H. Dunlop (? grades), George M. Wade (collegiate grades)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11), Mae Eileen Smith (grades 5-8), ? (grades 1-4)


Kristjan Bergthor Sigurdsson (grades 9-11)


Christina Fraser (grades 1-3), L. Magnusson (grades 4-6), ? (other grades)






Dorothy Mary Sheldrake (grades 4-6)


Helen Arnason (grades ?), Jeanette Defresne (grades ?), George Lecoq (high school grades), Dorothy Mary Sheldrake (grades ?), Margaret Young (grades ?)


Hilda Johanna Arnason (grades 1-2), Ella Aubrey Brown (grades 3-4), Gwendoline Nettie May Corbett (? grades), Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith (grades 4-6), Lewis Erwin Gendron (grades 7-9), Miss G. Parker (grades ?, at Roblin Park)


Hilda Johanna Arnason (grades 1-2), Ella Audrey Brown (grades 3-4), Mrs. S. Margaret Cantelon (grades 1-2), Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith (grades 5-6), Benjamin Franklin Olson (grades 7-9)


Hilda Johanna Arnason (grades 1-2, 1951), Ella Audrey Brown (grades 3-4), Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith (grades 4-5), Benjamin Franklin Olson (grades 6-8), Jennie Elizabeth Tait (grades 1-2)


Ella Audrey Brown (grades 3-4), Clara Louise Dee (grades 5-6, 1952), Irvin Labovitch (grades 5-6, 1953), Alice Marie Rousseau (grades 7-8), Jennie Elizabeth Tait (grades 1-2)


Ella Audrey Brown (grades 2-3), E. Dugard (grades 4-5, 1953 substitute), Miss N. Kassian (grades 4-5, 1953), Irvin Labovitch (grades 6-7), Jennie Elizabeth Tait (grades 1-2), Nan E.Yurkiw (grades 4-5, 1954)


Ella Audrey Brown (grades 2-3), Irvin Labovitch (grades 6-7), Lillian Eva Elizabeth Robertson (grades 4-5), Jennie Elizabeth Tait (grades 1-2)


Ella Audrey Brown (grades 2-3), Joan Alice Butler (grades 3-4), Beatrice Arnetta Connon (grade 1), Lillian Eva Elizabeth Robertson (grades 5-6)

Photos & Coordinates

The second Charleswood School building, known as the “Old Red Brick School,” in which the Charleswood municipal office was situated

The second Charleswood School building, known as the “Old Red Brick School,” in which the Charleswood municipal office was situated (1914)
Source: Len Van Roon

The second Charleswood School

The second Charleswood School (February 1933)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, George Harris Fonds, Acc. 1979-141, P7447, Album 4, Page 2.

The second Charleswood School building being demolished

The second Charleswood School building shortly before demolition (1969)
Source: Planning, Property & Development, City of Winnipeg , #4536

The second Charleswood School building being demolished

The second Charleswood School building being demolished (1969)
Source: Len Van Roon

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.86164, W97.30104
denoted by symbol on the map above


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Manitoba School Records Collection, Charleswood School District No. 826 [School Division No. 3] - Daily Registers, GR10356, Archives of Manitoba.

Manitoba School Records Collection, Charleswood Consolidated School District No. 2327 (School Division No. 3) - Daily Registers, GR10356, Archives of Manitoba.

We thank Len Van Roon and Nathan Kramer for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 22 December 2021

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