A Regional Heritage Tour

A monument in Cardinal commemorates Cardinal School. Originally
St. Louis School “A” situated in the village of Cardinal, became Cardinal School No. 2239 in 1933.

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1. Vigier Homestead

This sign commemorates farmer Francois G. Vigier (1859-1928) who emigrated to Canada in 1890 and, three years later, settled on a homestead at this site.

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2. Jacques Cartier School / St. Adelard School No. 912

St. Adelard School, originally known as Ecole Jacques Cartier, was established in the southeast quarter of 28-6-9 in 1897. It closed in 1960. Another monument at the site commemorates the centenary of the Pantel family, who arrived in this area in 1891.


3. Cassandra School No. 445

Cassandra School District was formed in 1885 and a school opened in the Beaconsfield district, in the southeast quarter of 36-6-10 in the fall of 1887. In 1948, a new modern frame school replaced the previous one, remaining open until 1958. A cairn, erected in 1998 commemorates the students and teachers, pioneers, trustees, and inspectors of Cassandra School.


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4. Beaconsfield Church & Cemetery

Beaconsfield Methodist Church was constructed in 1903 & 1904

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5. The Harmer School District was established in 1885 and a schoolhouse was later erected on the northeast corner of 6-6-9. It closed in 1959. A marker commemorates it.

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6. St. Louis School

The St. Louis School District was established in May 1898 and it operated two school buildings. The “A” school was situated in the village of Cardinal and the “B” school was on the southeast quarter of 12-6-9. In 1933, the “A” became a separate district known as Cardinal School No. 2239 and the other school dropped the “B” designation.

It operated until1960. The former school building was moved to Notre Dame de Lourdes to become the first divisional office of the Mountain School Division No. 28. A metal sign at the original site commemorates St. Louis School.


N49.45901, W98.54540

7. The Faure School District was established in May 1897 and a one-room schoolhouse operated in St. Lupicin. In 1963, the district was dissolved.


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8. The Montcalm School District was established in 1898 and a one-room, wood frame schoolhouse operated in the southeast quarter of 28-6-8. The district was dissolved in 1960. A metal sign commemorates it.

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