Ste. Thérèse Roman Catholic Church Museum stands as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of the early residents of Cardinal to their community. The church was built in the style of Romanesque architecture with Gothic detailing.

The Chapel contains a collection of religious artifacts which reflect people’s dedication to the church. Family historians will have the opportunity to research some of their heritage from the pictures and information relating to Cardinal’s first writer Raymond Paget using the pseudonym ”Le Petit Suisse” as well as the well-known author Gabrielle Roy. Ms. Roy was a teacher at the school in Cardinal in 1929-1930.

The church reflects the hopes and dreams, as well as the disappointments, of the people who worshipped here. Ste. Thérèse stands as a reminder of the dedication and pride of the early settlers, and with it comes a history which affirms their place in the world.

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