The Village

Cardinal in 1915

Philippe Cardinal, born in
 Quebec in 1852, immigrated at age sixteen, to
 Michigan, U.S.A., then to North Dakota near
 Devil's Lake. In 1888 he returned to Canada, and
 took a homestead south of Notre Dame
 de Lourdes. In 1905, the railway 
line from Stephenfield to Somerset passed through his quarter section the village of Cardinal soon developed around the station built there.


By 1906 businesses included Louis Moreau's general store, Joseph Poncelet's hardware, and Pierre Chateau's restaurant.  In 1907 Louis Chapdelaine built a hotel and Joseph Poncet opened a third store.  In 1908 a fourth store was added by Larivee and Company. Other businesses followed. Joseph Barten was the agent for "International".

The 1908 census reports that in the village of Cardinal there were fifteen resident families, two merchants, one saddler, one blacksmith, one butcher, one hotel and one elevator.


IIn 1907 Phillipe Cardinal, along with Galipeault and Azaris Labossiere formed "Fermiers Unis" and built Cardinal's first grain elevator. The Western Canadian Flour Mills Company bought it in 1909. It was taken over by United Grain Growers in 1926 and replaced in 1929 by a new structure.

The 32,000 bushel wooden grain elevator was expanded with an annex in 1951. It was destroyed by fire in 1960. Believing that the railway line between Learys and Somerset would be abandoned in the near future (this did not occur until the mid-1970s), the company chose not to rebuild the elevator.

Manitoba Government Public Elevator - Source T. Talbot


In 1910 the following families lived in Cardinal village, The size of the families is indicated.
Philippe Cardinal (7), Josep Barten (5), Blain (7), P. Peru (6), J. Beauchamp (3), J. Barten, senior (2),  Cyprien Lafreniere (6), Louis Moreau (2), J. Chateau (1), L. Fougeray (3),  Paget (1), Marc Moreau (5),  M. Allaire (8),  D. Chapdelaine (7), A. Richard (5), Toutant (13).


The St. Louis School District was established in May 1898 on the southeast quarter of 12-6-9 about three kilometres south of where the village of Cardinal would later be located. A school, under the same jurisdiction, was built in the village in 1913. It was called the “A” school and the rural school became the  “B” school.  In 1933, the “A” became a separate district known as Cardinal School No. 2239, and the other school dropped the “B” designation.

The establishment of schools was also important for the role and impact of the church. Communions and confessions were held in the church on some occasions.

St. Louis School operated until 1960.
The former St. Louis School building was moved to Notre Dame de Lourdes to become the first divisional office of the Mountain School Division No. 28. 

The school in Cardinal operated until June 1960 and was later demolished.

The St. Louis A School - later renamed as Cardinal School

Aerial view of Cardinal (1948) (Archives of Manitoba)

Anoher aerial view