Notable People

Allaire, Maxime: 
Operated a General store and post office (1907). 

Barten, J.  Sr. (and Family): Resident in 1910

Barten, Joseph
(and Family): Resident in 1910

Leo & Jean Barten

Beaudry, Alexandre: Built the Chapel (1927-29) with Joseph Schumacher.

Beauchamp, Jérémie:
Operated a general store in 1908.

Benoit, Maurice:
Elevator Agent 1956 - 1960

Blain, Francois:   Built the Church altar. (1928)


Cardinal,  Philippe and Céline: 

Philippe Cardinal, born in Quebec in 1852, immigrated at age sixteen, to
 Michigan, U.S.A., then to North Dakota near Devil's Lake. In 1888 he returned to Canada, and took a homestead on 24-6-9 where the village of Cardinal now stands.

In 1905 he was the First Constable for the Village. In 1907 Phillipe Cardinal, with Galipeault and Azaris Labossiere, formed "Fermiers Unis" and built Cardinal's first grain elevator. In 1920 he operated a Lumberyard

Phillippe died in 1929.

Chapdelaine, D
(and Family): Resident in 1910

Chapdelaine, Louis: 
Built the Cardinal Hotel. (1907)

Château, J.B.: 
Blacksmith (1912)

Château, Pierre:  B
uilt the first restaurant. (1905)

Conrad, Leonard: Elevator Agent 1937 - 1943 Married Aline Chateau in July, 1942. Served in the navy 1943- 45. Returned to farm.

Conrad, Timothee (Tim)  Simon: Elevator Agent 1933 - 1936.  Married Antionette Lavoie. Oct. 11, 1933.

DeLeyssac, Dr. André: Author, Academic

DeLeyssac was born in France and came to Canada after World War II. He retired to Cardinal and was the Director of the Cardinal Historical Project. He sought to preserve Canada's French language. One of his books is on display in the Chapel.

Louis, Ephrem: Elevator Agent 1914 - 1922 / 1928 - 1932

Fouasse Clement:  Teacher. Married Elva Moreaue in 1916. They had the Post Office and Gneral Store.

Clement with Odette

Fouasse Élise:  The first child baptized in the chapel (1945)

L. (and Family): Resident in 1910

M. & Mme Jos:  Purchased the hotel in 1929

Francois Moulin and Pierre Péru: Harness repair shop. (1911)

 Labossiere, Galipeault and Azaris: With  Phillipe Cardinal, formed "Fermiers Unis" and built Cardinal's first grain elevator

Cyprien (and Family): Resident in 1910

Annette Marchand, Eva Marchand, Ernest Marchand, Yvonne Marchand

Eva Marchand

Yvonne Marchand

Moreau, L.J.:  Justice of the Peace  (1915) : His petition for a school in 1912 was granted.

Louis: Built the first store (1905)

Moreau. Marc: Married Elodie Tremblay in 1907. Ran the Cardinal Hotel for a number of years. Moved to St. Lupicin in 1922.

Paget, Raymond: Writer

Raymond was born in Sainte-Cergue, Switzerland on June 28, 1868. He worked in Rome for a religious order before coming to Cardinal in 1913. He is remembered for the numerous articles he published in local papers under the pseudonym "Le Petit Suisse”, and for his generosity to the Ste. Thérèse Chapel. He passed away on March 20, 1962 and is buried in Notre-Dame de Lourdes.

Payette, Roland:
Elevator Agent 1949 - 1955

 Péru, Pierre: Cobbler, arrived in Cardinal in 1908
Harness repair shop with Francois Moulin.  (1911)  Shoemaker (1916)

Poncelet, Joseph: Built the first hardware store (1905) Operated a general store in 1907.

Pittet, Robert: The second baptism to take place in Cardinal

Arthur: Blacksmith (1908)

    Poirier,  Jérémie: Blacksmith (1908)

Proteau, Mme Régis: Horse stables (1913)

Richard, A.(and Family) : Resident in 1910

Roy, Gabrielle: Taught for one year at Saint-Louis A school. (1929)

  Schumacher,  Joseph:  Butcher shop (1912)
Built the Chapel (1927-29) with Alexandre Beaudry

Talbot, André  and Thérèse Cénérinii:  The only couple married in Cardinal. (1950)

Hubert J. Theroux:   Artist, born in Cardinal.

  Toutant, Charles, Emilien: Station Agent (1920's) Petitioned (unsuccessfully) for a school to be built in Cardinal (1908)

Chief Yellow Quill. Yellow Quill was Chief of the Swan Lake Reserve from 1871 - 1910. (Courtesy Manitoba Archives)

A list of other Cardinal residents...

Aminot, Jean
Blain, Jean
Cenerini, Aldino
Cenerini, Jean-Baptiste
Cenerini, Yvonne
Crites, Irène
Constant, Danais
Danais-Moreau Berthe
Danis, Ovide
Durand, Luc & Ritzer, Wilma
Espenell, Jean-Marie
Lafrenière, Albert
Lafrenière, Herman
Lancelot, Gérald
Lancelot, Henri
Lancelot, Joseph
Lancelot, Marcel
Le Hingras, Louis
Macaire, Emile
Pamula, Mike
Vigler, Hélène