The Region / The Story in Maps

1 Through the Years    2. Property Owners in 1923

1 Through the Years 


This map shows the location of Land Offices, where homesteaders had to register their claim. Cardinal was between Nelsonville (near where Morden is today) and Souris Mouth. It was also between the main CPR line to the north and the branch line that would run through Manitou and on to Boissevain by 1885.


This map focused on railway lines. In 1887 no branch lines were yet being planned for the Cardinal area. Beaconsfield was the nearest post office.


By 1882, Notre Dame de Lourdes was on the map.


As of 1887 not much had changed.


In 1904 the line from Roseisle to Somerset is shown, but although the Cardinal area had been settled for some time and was becoming a village, it didn’t make it onto this map.


The first appearance of Cardinal on a provincial map.


This 1915 map shows the fullest extent of railway service in the region.


It is interesting to note that although the Church, Cemetery and school are noted at the site of St. Lupicin, the village name does not appear on this map or on the following one. St. Lupicin was at that time a flourishing village but it wasn’t on a rail line and didn’t yet have a post office. 


It wasn't until the 1920s that roads began appearing on Provincial maps.


2. Property Owners in 1923

Selections from the Cummins Rural Directory Maps - 1923