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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Sturgeon Creek School / Kirkfield Park School (615 School Road, Winnipeg)

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The first school in this area (at one time in the RM of Assiniboia and today part of Winnipeg) was Sturgeon Creek School No. 30, whose district was established in January 1876. In 1904, a two-storey wood frame schoolhouse, measuring 20 by 30 feet, was constructed on Lot 114 in the Parish of St. Charles, at 3085 Portage Avenue. It had four classrooms for classes in grades 1 to 9, and the structure featured oiled wood floors and a wood-fired furnace. The second floor was expanded in 1906 and the basement was enlarged in 1907 on a design by architect Frank R. Evans.

By 1949, the 45-year-old building was showing its age, notably creaking and shaking when buffeted by strong winds. Filled to its 150-pupil capacity, an additional 80 students attended classes in the Sturgeon Creek Municipal Hall across the road. In June 1949, Principal Frances Ateah invited in newspaper reporters to show them its unsafe condition. Outraged local parents demanded that the building be replaced.

Construction of what became known as Kirkfield Park School #1, at 3195 Portage Avenue, began in 1949 but was delayed by the onset of the 1950 Winnipeg flood and labour action. The four-classroom wood frame and stucco structure was built by Building Mechanics Limited at a cost of $49,850 and was completed around mid-September 1950.

Built in 1953 just west of School #1, at the corner of School Road and Portage Avenue, the cornerstone of Kirkfield Park School #2 was laid on 21 September 1953. Attending the ceremony were School Inspector H. R. Brown, architects Walter Katelnikoff and Dennis H. Carter (of the firm Smith, Carter, Katelnikoff), School Board Chairman Mr. F. Benjaminson, trustees Mrs. H. McBride, Mr. V. Harbottle, and Mr. M. Schneider, Principal Joseph Antonin “Tony” Duhamel, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. R. A. Sansome, and M. Solonyka of Semmier Construction Company. On 23 November 1953, it was officially opened by W. C. Miller. The eight-classroom facility cost about $83,000 to build and initially hosted around 260 pupils. A four-classroom addition was built in 1955 at a cost of $36,000. Grades 1 and 2 were held in School #1 while grades 3 to 11 were in School #2. During the fall of 1963, construction began on a gymnasium, a new heating plant for Schools #1 and #2, and other renovations, completed at a cost of $144,425.

Following a Department of Education decision to make local school boards responsible for the education of students with disabilities, the facility was converted into an educational centre for such students. It replaced a previous facility at the Kinsmen School, which then realigned to focus on pre-school ages. Operational costs were split between the Assiniboine North School Division and the St. James School Division. After a few renovations, the facility opened in September 1967 with six classrooms and 57 students. The former students of Schools #1 and #2 were accommodated temporarily at Heritage School or Lincoln School while Arthur Oliver School was being constructed and they went there starting in 1968.

The school was closed in 1990 and its students were accommodated in other area schools. The building and property was put up for sale in 1993 and the building was demolished. The site is presently occupied by a supermarket and its parking lot.





Elizabeth “Lisbeth” Robertson (1878-1952)


Catherine Annie Dohaney (1877-1960)


Thomas Wilbert “Wib” Emerson (1888-1969)


Frances Elizabeth Ateah (1910-1990)


Joseph Antonin “Tony” Duhamel (1919-2003)


Raymond Arthur Joseph “Ray” Labelle (c1931-1981)


John Sigfus Helgason (?-1978)


Nicholas “Nick” Kohuch (1926-2015)


Nicholas “Nick” Kohuch (1926-2015) - mornings
Michael A. “Mike” Yaremchuk - afternoons


Emile Dupas


Dennis Neil Stefanson (1939-2010)


William “Bill” Burdeniuk (1932-2010)


Andrew Otchenash (1927-2007)


Jack Elliott




Anne Masniuk


David James Bertnick (1947-2017)


Daryl Johnson




Betty Rae


School Year



Catherine Annie Dohaney


Catherine Annie Dohaney, Elizabeth Hetherington, M. E. Small


Catherine Annie Dohaney, Rae M. Scott, Dorothy Dafoe, Jessie Taylor


Catherine Annie Dohaney, Elizabeth Hetherington, Dorothy Dafoe, Mary Catherine Unger


Catherine Annie Dohaney, Elizabeth Hetherington


Mary Davies, Mary Catherine Unger, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman


Mary Catherine Unger


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, Marguerite G. Ross, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Mary Davies, Edith Angela Waterman, A. Merle Cox, Thomas W. Emerson


Edith Angela Waterman, Annie Kathleen Tod, Grace Murley Wadge, Marguerite Hope Bullard (1942), Thomas W. Emerson


Annie Kathleen Tod, Clifford Dalbert Hall, Myrtle Geraldine Rusenel, Thomas W. Emerson


Annie Kathleen Tod, Emily Leona Gardiner, Verna Florence Taylor, Thomas W. Emerson


Winnifred Lease (1944), Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith (1945), Gladys J. Lane, Clara Louise Thornton, Frances E. Ateah


Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith, Elsie Kostiuk, Bertha Mary Ellison, Frances E. Ateah


Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith, Mary Esther Dempsey, Violet Perledene Bailie, Annie Marguerite Thorpe, Elsie Kostiuk, Frances E. Ateah


Ruth Elizabeth Galbraith, Mary Esther Dempsey, Lillian Bertha Mazurkiewicz, Evelyn Gladys MacKinley (1947), Raeleen Kulba, Frances E. Ateah


Lillian Bertha Mazurkiewicz, Ella Audrey Brown (1948), Evelyn Podalsky, Frances E. Ateah


Eva Greenburg, Irene May Fraser, Eleanor M. Zilkie, Joyce Lorraine McConnell, Hedwig Margaret Strand, Frances E. Ateah


Joyce Lorraine McConnell, Adolphe Sochaski, Mary Funk Badman, Christina Fraser, Irene May Fraser, Ida D. Dushenko, Hedwig Margaret Strand, Frances E. Ateah


Ada Isabel Moore, Bernice Marie Berthelette, Eleanor Lydia Siemens, Ella S. Anderson, Ame Shrabek (substitute, 1952), Ida D. Dushenko, Hedwig Margaret Strand


Emma Clarke, Evelyn R. Black, Joseph A. “Tony” Duhamel, Mary Ewashko, Melville Henderson Pearce, Rossie T. J. Lundy, Jean Margaret Adams, Theresa Yvonne Petit


Marie-Jean Baril, Mary Emma Watson, Mary Bilash, Irene Sulymka, Jeannette Wilkie, Grace Emily Stevens, Annie Marguerite Thorpe, Mary Ewashko, Jean Margaret Adams, Theresa Yvonne Petit, Joseph A. “Tony” Duhamel


Marie-Jean Baril, Mary Emma Watson, Mary Bilash, Irene Sulymka, Mary Ewashko, Grace Emily Stevens, Jean Margaret Adams, Theresa Vyonne Chartrand (1954), Gloris Doris Martens (1955), Stefan Bjorgvin Stefansson, Annette Manchur, Mary Jane Phillips, Edith Anita Havixbeck, Joseph A. “Tony” Duhamel






Mary Bilash (grade 7), Sylvia Benson (grade 5), Valerie Bergeron (grade 2, 1958), Annette Champagne (grade 2, 1957), Emile Dupas (grade 8), Thelma J. Fanning (grade 6), Francois J. Gallais (grade 9), Morris M. Hryhor (grade 11), Lara Kristjansson (grade 4), Marie Louise Last (grades 4-5), Christina Nestdagh (grade 1), Mrs. I. Jean Nixon (grades 6-7, 1958), Mrs. P. Radmunsky (grades 6-7, 1957), Annette Schaldemose (grades 3-4), Joan Sigurdson (grade 10), Grace E. Stevens (grade 2), Gloria Trupp (grade 3), Emily H. Webster (grade 1),


Mary Bilash (grade 7), Valerie Bergeron (grade 2), Patricia L. Carney (grade 5), Theresa Vyonne Chartrand (grade 1), Emile Dupas (grade 8), Mrs. M. Ewashko (grades 5-6), Thelma J. Fanning (grade 6), Lucile Freynet (grades 4-8), Morris M. Hryhor (grade 11), Lara Kristjansson (grade 4), Juanita Loat (grade 3), Christina Nestdagh (grade 1), James Nolan (grade 9), Elma Patterson (grade 4), Annette Schaldemose (grade 3), Joan Turner (grade 2), Emily H. Webster (grade 1),

Photos & Maps

Students at the Kirkfield Park School deemed by its Principal to be a “death trap”

Students at the Kirkfield Park School deemed by its Principal to be a “death trap” (1949)
Source: Winnipeg Tribune, 15 June 1949, page 1.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.88157, W97.28975
denoted by symbol on the map above

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We thank the St. James Assiniboia School Division, Mari-Jean Nachtigall, and Robert Harbottle for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer and Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 4 June 2019

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