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The Winnipeg Sandstone Brick Company (WSBC) was incorporated via Letters Patent under the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act on 31 August 1910. The firm held an initial capital stock of $400,000 and opened a head office in the Builders Exchange in Winnipeg. A brick manufacturing facility was established on the east side of Pembina Street [now Osborne Street], between Mulvey Avenue [now Mulvey Avenue East] and Fleet Avenue [since removed]. Its initial directors were accountants Ernest Bickendike Eadie and Robert Siderfin, and law clerks George Murray, William Dinwoodie Robertson, and David Howatson.

In early February 1911, the company entered into an agreement with Hugh Sutherland of the Lake Winnipeg Shipping Company, and he served as President for a few years. William Dymock Macfarlane was General Manager for most of duration in business. At some point during the venture’s first decade, it expanded to include a brickyard at Beausejour. As of 1920, the combined daily output capacity was a reported 200,000 bricks. Bricks were red, buff, slate, and white with WB imprinted in the frog. Beyond construction-related building materials, the company also offered sandbox sand for sale.

The WSBC rebranded itself several times, first on 11 April 1914, to the Winnipeg Brick Company (WBC) Limited. This lasted until 4 December 1923, when WBC changed its name to to Winnipeg Brick and Fuel Company Limited. That incarnation lasted less than a year, and on 8 September 1924, the company reverted back to the WBC, its second name, and thereafter remained as such. The last annual return filed with the Provincial Companies Office was for the calendar year ending December 1931, at which time its directors were W. D. Macfarlane, A. Y. Macfarlane, and Charles H. McFadyen, with G. R. Hale as Secretary-Treasurer. Operations appear to have continued into 1935, when in late June of that year, it was awarded a municipal contract to supply sand for the citys asphault plant during the summer season. The business closed later that year, and on 25 November 1935, its Letters Patent were revoked.







Hugh McKay Sutherland (1845-1926)




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We thank Shayne Campbell for providing additional information used here.

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