Northern Prairie Ships: Stockton Ferry

Built at Stockton in 1945 by William I. Liggett, the Stockton Ferry measured 34.6 feet in length, 18.2 feet in width, 1.5 feet in draught, and displaced 7.17 gross (and net) tonnes. Both the hull and deck were built of wood. It was operated as both a passenger and vehicle ferry by the Rural Municipality of South Cypress at the Stockton Ferry Crossing (1945-1965) and remained a cable-powered ferry until 1960 when it was upgraded with a three brake horsepower gasoline engine built by Fairbanks Morse Limited of Beloit, Wisconsin. In early 1966, the Stockton Ferry was replaced by the former Aubigny Ferry from the Aubigny Ferry Crossing. The old ferry was subsequently dismantled and its Registry was closed in April 1966.


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