Northern Prairie Ships: Aubigny Ferry / Stockton Ferry

Built at Winnipeg in 1945, the Aubigny Ferry measured 47.8 feet in length, 18.4 feet in width, 3 feet in draught, and displaced 24 gross (and net) tonnes. It had a steel hull and a wooden deck, atop which four passenger vehicles could be parked. The Aubigny Ferry was commissioned for use as both a passenger and vehicle ferry for the Aubigny Ferry Crossing just west of Aubigny in the Rural Municipality of Morris. It operated from 1945 through the 1965 season and was replaced with the opening of the nearby Aubigny Bridge in December 1965.

In February 1966, Aubigny Ferry was purchased by the Rural Municipality of South Cypress for $2,500 and transported to the Stockton Ferry Crossing at a cost of $700. Renamed Stockton Ferry on 13 April 1966, it replaced the previous Stockton Ferry and saw service at that crossing between 1966 and 1989. During this time several modifications were made, and while the wood deck remained around the same size (later indicated as 46 feet long by 20 feet wide), steel ramps had been added to each end, each measuring 12 feet long and matching 20 foot wide. By the late 1980s, the ferry required repairs to start several operating seasons. When the Treesbank Bridge opened in September 1989, the R.M. of South Cypress purchased the Treesbank Ferry III and moved it to the Stockton Ferry Crossing. With the approach of the 1990 season, the Stockton Ferry [formerly Aubigny Ferry] was deemed surplus to requirements and, by March of that year, was put up for sale. The municipality sold it for scrap to Lionel W. “Bud” Miller in May 1991 and it removed from the site that season.





Rural Municipality of Morris


Rural Municipality of South Cypress


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