Historic Sites of Manitoba: Brandon Fire Hall No. 2 / McTavish School / Brandon Technical School (603 Eleventh Street, Brandon)

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Located on the southeast corner of Eleventh Street and McTavish Avenue, planning for this Brandon structure began as early as 1906 but was deferred into 1908. By September 1908, three finalized architectural plans were drawn up by architect Walter Henderson Shillinglaw for the Brandon City Council, including a 26 foot by 44 foot building for $3,000 (in keeping with early design preferences) along with two designs based upon a 30 foot by 54 foot structure, the first of which was built of wood for $4,250 and a second of brick for $5,150. A call for tenders was issued and the winning bid of John Forbes was selected in October 1908. Construction began late that year and continued into into February 1909. Also known as the South Ward Fire Hall or South End Fire Hall, the Brandon Fire Hall No. 2 remained in operation until 31 July 1916 when firefighting operations were re-consolidated at the Brandon Central Fire Hall.

In May 1917, the Brandon School District called for tenders to expand the facility but, when the tendered costs were found to be too high, these plans were abandoned. Late 1919 saw the Salvation Army given approval to use it as a gymnasium while the School Board contemplated future use of it as overflow classroom space. Need of its conversion to classrooms came earlier than anticipated and, by spring 1921, the process was completed.

The informal name of McTavish School was made official in September 1921, and the building was used as a school for the next year. Additional classroom space added to the Central School and further re-alignment of grades resulted in the school not reopening in September 1922. The School Board subsequently used the building for storage and, from 1929 to 1940, as the Brandon Technical School. An expansion was formally opened on 11 March 1940. A blacksmithy was housed in the basement and automotive classes were held on the main floor.

In spring 1940, with the onset of the Second World War, the building was converted to a 40-bed hospital and headquarters for medical personnel working at the adjacent Manning Depot No. 2 of the Air Training Command No. 2. Post-war, it was used by the School Board as office space along with a musuem for the natural history collection of Benjamin Jones Hales, replacing the exhibit’s former quarters in Fleming School. The museum opened in 1948 and the School Board officially unified their quarters at this site in April 1951, after moving out from office space at Park School and other local premises.

The Brandon School Division operated the site into 1976 when they vacated in favour of the newly redeveloped quarters in the former McLaren School. In the early 1980s, the building was purchased and converted for residential usage.









Brandon Technical

H. C. Austin


Brandon Technical

James Elliott


School Year





Spring 1921 only: (grades 2-3, no staff names)



Miss Alice Gardiner (grades 1-2), Miss Belle Rose (grades 2-3)

See also: Brandon Ultimatum (1 May 1922)


Brandon Technical


Photos & Coordinates

Brandon Fire Hall No. 2 / McTavish School / Brandon Technical School

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.84040, W99.95235
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