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A directory of brick-making in Manitoba

A directory of block-making in Manitoba

People involved in brick and block-making in Manitoba

A glossary of terms relating to bricks and blocks

The Canadian Enamel Concrete Brick and Tile Company was incorporated via Letters Patent, under the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act, on 5 December 1911. The founding partnership included John Alexander Girvin, Thomas Black, George White Murray, Thomas Russ Deacon, Henry James Box, and Douglas Colin Cameron. The firm held an initial capital stock of $250,000 and were based in St. Boniface, with construction of a $150,000 plant announced in early January 1912. They established a presence in Norwood, on the south side of Marion Street, between Lillian Avenue and St. Mary’s Road. The venture was short-lived, and around late 1914 its Norwood quarters were acquired by the Manitoba Pressed Brick Company. In February 1915, the company was declared insolvent by the Court of King’s Bench and its assets were liquidated in accordance with the Winding Up Act. The First World War appears to have prolonged and deferred the process, with the last matters relating to the company finally resolved by 1921.





Douglas Colin Cameron (1854-1921)


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