Manitoba Organization: St. James - Assiniboia School Division

The St. James School Division No. 7 was created in 1959 by an order of the Manitoba Minister of Education, acting on a recommendation of the School Divisions Boundaries Commission. It had the same boundaries as the former St. James School District No. 7 founded in 1871.


Arthur Oliver School (647 School Road, Winnipeg)

Assiniboine School (175 Winston Road)

Alexander Ross School / Manitoba School for the Deaf (242 Stradford Street, Winnipeg)

Athlone School (110 Athlone Drive)

Bannatyne School (360 Wallasey Street)

Birchwood School (150 Moray Avenue)

Britannia School / Stevenson-Britannia School (361 Hampton Street / 1777 Silver Avenue)

Brooklands School (1950 Pacific Avenue)

Bruce School (333 Booth Drive)

Buchanan School (815 Buchanan Boulevard)

Columbus School (26 Columbus Crescent)

Crestview School (333 Morgan Crescent)

Deer Lodge Junior High School (1970 Ness Avenue)

George Waters Middle School (190 Ferry Road)

Golden Gate School (330 Bruce Avenue)

Hedges School (369 Fairlane Avenue)

Heritage School (47 Heritage Boulevard)

Jameswood School (1 Braintree Crescent)

John Taylor Collegiate (470 Hamilton Avenue)

Lakewood School (55 Kay Crescent)

Lincoln School (3180 McBey Avenue)

Linwood School / St. James School (266 Linwood Street)

Ness School (3300 Ness Avenue)

Phoenix School (111 Alboro Street, Headingley)

Robert Browning School (130 Browning Boulevard)

St. Charles School No. 2071 (77 Dundurand Avenue)

St. James Collegiate (1900 Portage Avenue)

Sansome School (181 Sansome Avenue)

Silver Heights Collegiate (350 Lodge Avenue)

Spring Valley School / Ecole Romeo Dallaire (81 Quail Ridge Road, Winnipeg)

Strathmillan School (339 Strathmillan Road)

Sturgeon Creek School No. 30 / Kirkfield Park School (615 School Road, Winnipeg)

Sturgeon Heights Collegiate (2665 Ness Avenue)

Voyageur School (37 Voyageur Avenue)

Westwood Collegiate (360 Rouge Road)

Woodhaven School No. 2093 (127 Glendale Boulevard)





Elbridge Doty Parker (1884-1981)


Ronald Thornton Frederick Thompson (1907-1984)




Ronald Andrew MacIntosh (1926-1999)


George B. Buchholz


Ron Weston


Brett Lough


Mike Wake


Jenness Moffat

Assistant Superintendents




Darryl Sigurdur Johnson (1944-2024)

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