Manitoba History: Number 72, Spring-Summer 2013

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Cannon at Prince of Wales Fort near Churchill

Source: Chelsea Synychych, August 2011.

Constructed between 1732 and 1772, Prince of Wales Fort had forty-two cannon mounted along the parapet commanding every approach to the fortress. Without firing a shot, the cannon and the fort were captured and partially destroyed in 1782 by Jean-Francois Compte de La Perouse.

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The Guns of Manitoba: How Cannons Shaped the Keystone Province, 1670-1885
by David Grebstad

Pressure to Act: The Shoal Lake Aqueduct and the Greater Winnipeg Water District
by David A. Ennis

Jack Houston’s Editorials in the OBU Bulletin, 1919-1921
by Peter Campbell with editorials compiled by C. Stuart Houston

See also: Jack Houston’s Editorials in the OBU Bulletin, 1919-1921

The True Story of the Song “Red River Valley”
by James J. Nystrom

Hollywood Belatedly Recognises Manitoba: Northern Pursuit (1943) as a Relic of Second World War Screen Propaganda
by James M. Skinner

Manitoba’s Concrete Block Buildings
by Gordon Goldsborough

The Doukhobor Settlers of the Swan River Valley
by Ella Thomson

Book Reviews

A. A. den Otter, Civilizing the Wilderness: Culture and Nature in Pre-Confederation Canada and Rupert’s Land and Tolly Bradford, Prophetic Identities: Indigenous Missionaries on British Colonial Frontiers, 1850-75
by Jaimie Morton

Wendy Dathan, The Reindeer Botanist: Alf Erling Porsild, 1901-1977
by Graham MacDonald

Cameron Dueck, The New Northwest Passage: A Voyage to the Front Line of Climate Change
by Margaret Bertulli

Robin Jarvis Brownlie and Valerie Korinek (editors), Finding a Way to the Heart: Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada
by Patricia Harms

John C. Lehr, Community and Frontier: A Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian Parkland
by Peter Melnycky

Cool Things in the Collection:
Women’s Institute Fonds at the S. J. McKee Archives
by Marianne E. Reid

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