James M. Skinner

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James M. Skinner
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He received an undergraduate education at Aberdeen University (Scotland) and graduate training at the Universities of Kent (Canterbury) and Stockholm (Sweden). For twenty-eight years he taught British and Modern European history at Brandon University but eventually turned to film as history and history as film. A number of his works on movies and the Second World War are in the Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film (3 volumes, Routledge 2006).

His other interest is in film censorship where he has published, among other items, “The Cross and the Cinema: A History of the Catholic Legion of Decency, 1934-68” (Praeger, 1993). He was a New Democratic candidate for the Brandon West constituency in the 1969 provincial general election but was defeated by Edward Robert McGill.

He is now retired and living in Victoria, British Columbia.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Clean and Decent Movies: Selected Cases and Responses of the Manitoba Film Censor Board, 1930 to 1950
Manitoba History, Number 14, Autumn 1987

Reminiscences of a Manitoba Film Censor: An Interview with Locksley D. McNeill
Manitoba History, Number 17, Spring 1989

A Leap in the Dark: The Transition from Film Censorship to Classification in Manitoba, 1970-72
Manitoba History, Number 25, Spring 1993

Hollywood Belatedly Recognises Manitoba: Northern Pursuit (1943) as a Relic of the Second World War Screen Propaganda
Manitoba History, Number 72, Spring-Summer 2013

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