Manitoba History: Number 55, June 2007

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“Ambassadress of Peace” shows Thanadelthur mediating between the Chipewyans (left) and Crees (right), while William Stewart watches from the sidelines. Franklin Arbuckle’s 1952 painting, commissioned by the Hudson’s Bay Company for its annual calendar in 1953, remains the most popular image of this 18th century Dene woman.
Source: Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Archives of Manitoba

The back cover features a colorized Edwardian postcard of some prominent Winnipeg buildings, circa 1914.
Source: Giles Bugailiskis

Visioning Thanadelthur: Shaping a Canadian Icon
by Patricia A. McCormack

The Life and Death of Matonabbee: Fur Trade and Leadership Among the Chipewyan, 1736-1782
by Strother Roberts

Diverging Identities and Converging Interests: Corporate Competition, Desertion, and Voyageur Agency, 1815-1818
by Robert Englebert


Long-term Trends in the Water Quality of Killarney Lake
by Kelly-Anne Richmond and Gordon Goldsborough

Greetings from Winnipeg: Views of a Changing City
by Gordon Goldsborough, Russ Gourluck, Rob McInnes, Giles Bugailiskis and Randy Rostecki

Annie’s War
by Phillip Giffin

Psychic Research in a Winnipeg Family: Reminiscences of Dr. Glen F. Hamilton
by James B. Nickels

Review Essay

Literary, Architectural, and Popular Approaches to the History of Winnipeg
by Jim Mochoruk

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