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In February 1905, the Brookdale Brick and Tile Company was established at Brookdale by Robert Dorrell Hales and his sons. This was to be an expansion of their Rapid City Brick Works at Rapid City. Hales purchased a quarter section of land from Robert Dodd, near the village, after he had obtained clay samples from the site that were analyzed and pronounced to be of the best quality for the production of bricks. The firm designed a $15,000 plant and began hauling 500 cords of wood needed for fuel to the site. By mid-May 1905, Hales had eight men under his employ and began producing approximately 20,000 bricks per day that were red or white in colour.

In 1907, Hales built a permanent kiln at the yard site and made many other extensive and expensive improvements. Despite having to shut down the site in early July, the season was pronounced successful and, in early 1908, plans to form a joint-stock company were made public. The $40,000 capital this would provide was needed in order to enlarge the plant and install more machinery to begin producing hollow brick, tile, and sewer pipe. By the end of June, the Brookdale plant was in full production with its new products. By 1911, 30 men were employed at Hales’ yard. While the site was said to have shut down at some point between 1913 and 1922, the business charter was revived in February 1923. This would be cancelled again by June 1929.






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A history of the manufacture of bricks and concrete blocks in Manitoba, based on research by Randy Rostecki for the Manitoba Historic Resources Branch and supplemented by information compiled by Gordon Goldsborough of the Manitoba Historical Society. .

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