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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Reston School No. 141 (Reston, RM of Pipestone)

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The first school at Reston, in the Rural Municipality of Pipestone, was formally established in May 1883 and a schoolhouse was later erected at a site nearby. The first school at this site, a two-storey brick structure, was constructed in 1905. A second one-storey school building was constructed in 1926. Sold at public auction in October 1967, both buildings were demolished. A new elementary school opened in the fall of 1967.

Principals (High School)




Arthur James Manning (1875-1949)


William George Delgaty (1901-?)


Arni Kristinson (1883-1969)


J. E. Morison


Clarence David “Casey” Voigt (1903-1988)


Arthur Milford Preston (1908-1981)


John Chester Callander (1914-1986)


Robert Leslie McIntosh (1925-2011)


A. J. Macleod


L. A. Rathwell


Jean C. Hunter


Wallace D. Hunter


Donald Wilford Cullen (1932-1983)


Kathleen N. Hann


William A. “Bill” Milton (1936-2016)


Arnold Marshall Leech (1911-1998)

Principals (Elementary School)




N. Olynyk





Ann Farnie, Bessie Forrest, Henry McGrath, Nettie MundIe, H. M. Brady, Leone Stubbs, Olwin Thomas, Gwen McFarlane, Claude Law, Winnifred Wilson, Jessie McIvor, Clara Deacon, Edna Burns, Miss Harper, Adeline Stachan, Mildred Brian, Miss Wood, Miss Gorrie


Florence McArthur, Reva Stewart, Miss M. E. Wherrett, Bessie Forrest, B. J. McNeven, Rubie Lund, P. E. McLean, June Johnson, Alice Doyle, Berthora Johnson, Pearl McLean, M. A. Dudly, Helen Hislop, Harold Stinson, Hubert Bell, Ruby McDonald


Jean Babb, Helen Dobson, Bessie McLean, Dorothy Robinson, Alma Skeoch, Duncan Cameron, Miss Wilkins, Phyllis Cates, Reg Berry, Irene Clark, Marion Chambers, Grace Baird, Helen Tuck, Ann Smith, Margaret Martin, Bernice Hay, Willa Robertson, Helen Riley, John Morison, Turrie Mornson


Rose Shulman, Marjorie Wilson, Ruby Ferguson, Alice Peel, Marjorie Radley, Jean Preston, Jean Bill, Florence Chappell, Winnifred Cockbill, Mabel Smithers, Hazel Short, Mabel Geisel, Anna Chambers, Mary Duncan, Mildred Ellwood, Stanley Ferman, Lorene Walker, Michael Kotchan, D. Gray, Elizabeth Nash, Margaret Heapy, Geraldine Cowan


Doreen Townsend, Ruth Henderson, Helen Smith, Noreen McLeod, James Cochrane, Norman Toma, Vera Whitten, Geraldine Cowan, Arthur MeLand, Merrill Groff, Lawrence Rathwell, Wallace Hunter, Katherine Duncan, Jean Hunter, Beryl Raincock, Evelyn Marlow, Jelsing Bailey, Donald Maluk, Shirlie Crandall, Margaret Scott, James Cliffe, Margaret Cullen, Jean Lees, Wayne Nylin, Dorothy English, Patricia Law, Flora Milligan, Jean Bailey, John Hothie


Andrew Yakuin, H. Hochglaube, Thomas Tyler, R. Buss, Marjorie Munro, Laurel Shewchuk, Larry McCrady, Darlene Bothe, T. M. Sherloski, Paul Gluck, John Brydon, Jean Tully, Lorraine Dykman, Evelyn Sundell, Ewan McAsalan, Terence Law, Allan McAulay, George Josephson, Paul Funk, Linda Ransom, Dennis Fenton, Isabella McAslan, Darlene Henderson, David Serofin, Margot Abrahamson, Grace Bell, David Clarke, Lorraine Clark, Phyllis Burner, Barbara Livingstone, Lynne Cook, Frank Basuik, Burton Friesen, Nelson Otto, John Schellenberg, John Coates, David Braddell, Keith Hoskins, Robert Gibb, William Cooper, Elsie Shwaluk, John Murray, Phyllis Henderson, Elinor Francisco, Heather McLean, Karen Cole, Barbara Stringer, Elaine Jira, Margaret Lyall, Pam Smith, Donna Wilson, Brian Whiddon, Doreen Sharratt, Inez McMorran, Nicholas Olynyk, Gladys Patmore, J. Brydon


Valerie McKenzie, Joan Fraser, Linda Lowry, Dorothy Braun, Allison Bate, Sharon Zarn, Randy Penner, Gloria Penner, Karen Cruickshank, Barbara Watt, Heather Russell, Josephine McCorriston, Louise Downing, Emma Lou Evanson, Jeffrey Burke, Frances Spafford, Barbara Jones, Elizabeth Eidse, Jerry Joss, Theresa Joss, Virginia Beelhert, William Bunka, Kenneth Clark, Robert Bender, Joan Veslousky, Joanne Sauve, Carol Tycoles, Lesia Milliken, Jennetta Curtis, Allan Wheeler, Douglas Otte, Robert Johnson, Shirley Bender, Baldwin Kemkaran, Dianne McFadzean, Wil Warkentin, Lynn Warkentin, Susan Shineton, Mildred Marlin, Lome McCorriston, Ben Kroeker, Tom Tesarski, Olive Tesarski, Terry Hollier, Ray Taylor, Dan Deonarine, Larry Arnold, Eugene Wiebe, Dorothy Bonner, Lori Arthur, Jerome Brockman, Stephen Bunn, Bev Workman, Lauria Jones, Winnifred Walker

Among the other teachers who worked at Reston School were Marshall Hall-Jones, E. A. Hemsworth (1901-1902), and Charles Henry Godfrey.

Photos & Coordinates

Reston School

Reston School (circa 1911)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspector Photos GR2664, C65.

Postcard view of Reston School

Postcard view of Reston School (circa 1913)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough, 2011-0106

Postcard view of Reston School

Postcard view of Reston School (no date) by C. I. Meyers
Source: Gordon Goldsborough, 2011-0002

Two Reston School buildings

Two Reston School buildings (July 1940)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, George Harris Fonds, Acc. 1979-141, P7454, Album 22, Page 40.

Reston School

Two Reston School buildings (April 1959)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, George Harris Fonds, Acc. 1979-141, P7447, Album 3, Page 52.

Reston School

Reston School (1967)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Architectural Survey - Reston 2.

The name plate, bell and cornerstone from Reston Consolidated School are displayed in front of the present school

The name plate, bell and cornerstone from Reston Consolidated School are displayed in front of the present school (October 2011)
em>Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.55889, W101.09709
denoted by symbol on the map above

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Annual Reports of the Manitoba Department of Education, Manitoba Legislative Library.

Obituary [Charles Henry Godfrey], Portage la Prairie Manitoba Leader, 29 April 1954. [Manitoba Legislative Library]

“Three pioneers’ grandsons lay cornerstone,” Brandon Sun, 30 October 1967, page 17.

One Hundred Years in the History of the Rural Schools of Manitoba: Their Formation, Reorganization and Dissolution (1871-1971) by Mary B. Perfect, MEd thesis, University of Manitoba, April 1978.

Trails Along the Pipestone by Pipestone History Project, c1981, page 461. [Manitoba Legislative Library, F5648.P56 Tra]

We thank Nathan Kramer for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 12 July 2019

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