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Historic Sites of Manitoba: North Ward School / Victoria School / Ruth Hooker School (430 Morris Avenue, Selkirk)

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Located along Selkirk’s Superior Avenue, North Ward School was built in the Selkirk School District (later Lord Selkirk School Division) in 1906 to accommodate recent and substantial residential development in that area. Originally envisioned as a facility to match the Central School in size, it was proposed to have around eight classrooms and to cost about $11,000. A 1907 report described a scaled-down facility of four classrooms. In 1909, district voters overwhelmingly approved a grade re-alignment, also affecting South Ward School and Central School, whereby North Ward School was changed to host primary and grade 1 in one classroom, and grades 2, 3 and 8 in a second classroom. Around 1920, the North Ward School was renamed Victoria School. It was expanded in 1930 and 1952.

Backing onto Victoria School, Ruth Hooker School was built along Morris Avenue in 1958. Named for Chair of the Selkirk School Board Ruth Caroline Moody Hooker, the building initially had four classrooms and an office/teachers room. In 1965, it was enlarged on a design by the Winnipeg architectural firm of Waisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmor Hanna Associates.

Victoria School and Ruth Hooker School operated separately though the 1967-1968 school year, after which they became the Victoria - Ruth Hooker School (1968-1971), then Ruth Hooker School (1971-1972). The original North Ward School building no longer stands at the site.

Principals (North Ward School / Victoria School)




Edward Arthur Bathgate [Batke] (1887-1961)




Peter Robert Loutit (1878-1961)




Elizabeth Blanche Teeter “Betha” Moody (1886-1971)




Amy Adelaide Ditch Browning (1893-1981)


H. J. McDonald


Allan Alexander “Andy” Anderson (1892-1981)


Gladys Kathleen McQueen (1906-1978)

Principals (Ruth Hooker School)




Margaret Ellen Eames (1904-1962)




Tony Maksymyk (1925-2007)




Steven Lawrence “Steve” Banera (1933-2018)




Oakley Southern


Barry Kuly


Bob Jesson


Sharon Chanas


Gayle Halliwell




Kerry Skarban




Tamara DeiCont


Ms. L. McGillivray

Teachers (partial lists)

School Year



Miss Thorlackson


4 teachers


Miss Anderson, Mrs. Finnsson, Miss Nixon, Miss Tester


Miss N. Bird, Miss D. Daly, Lottie Olafson, Rose Shline


Lottie Olafson


Miss N. Bird, Alice Daly, Miss E. McKay, Miss A. Neville, Rose Shline


Miss N. Bird, Alice Daly, Miss E. McKay, Miss A. Neville, Rose Shline


Miss N. Bird, Alice Daly, Mr. T. Harriott, Miss E. McKay, Rose Shline


Ethel Bird, Alice Daly, Mr. T. Harriott, Sophie Olafson, Nita Romanche (sewing), Rose Shline


Ethel Bird, Alice Daly, Mr. T. Harriott, Miss J. McConnell, Nita Romanche (sewing), Rose Shline


Ethel Bird, Alice Daly, S. Olafson, Mrs. E. L. Reid, Nita Romanche (sewing), Rose Shline


Alice Daly, Mrs. E. L. Reid, Miss E. D. Persoage, Nita Romanche, Rose Shline


Alice Daly, Mrs. Munson, Miss E. Persoage, Rose Shline


Alice Daly, Mrs. A. Munson, Miss E. D. Persoage, Nita Romanche, Rose Shline


Alice Daly, Mrs. M. Munson, Miss E. Persoage, Nita Romanche (sewing and handwork), Rose Shline


Mrs. A. A. Browning (grade 6), Alice Daly (grade 2), Miss I. Howelko (grade 1), Kathleen McQueen (grade 4), Rose Shline (grade 3), Miss C. Tricker (grade 5), Miss W. Wotton (sewing)


Alice Daly, Rose Shline, Miss L. Sawchuk (home making), Miss A. Simpson, Ruth Swanson


Miss Elsie Baird, Alice Daly, Miss F. M. Giasson, Miss P. Klym, Rose Shline, Miss A. Simpson, Ruth Swanson


Elsie Baird, Alice Daly, Pauline Klym, Jean Labossiere, Lucille Manaigre, Rose Schline, Ruth Swanson


Alice Daly, Mrs. E. Dewar, Miss P. Klym, Miss J. LaBossiere, Miss L. Manaigne, Ruth Swanson


G. Andrew, I. Brigden, M. Crinchuk, Alice Daly, Mrs. E. Dewar, H. I. Hagglund, Ruth Swanson


Mrs. G. Andrews, Miss I. Brigden, Miss R. Clark, Alice Daly, Mrs. E. I. Dewar, Mrs. O. A. Lynch, Ruth Swanson, Miss M. Thatcher


Mrs. G. Andrew, Miss R. Clark, Alice Daly, Mrs. W. Harriott, Miss M. Kirvan, Mrs. O. A. Lynch, George Schmidt, M. J. Shsarchuk, Ruth Swanson




Mr. Kozak (grade 5)


Ms. Eames (grade 6)

Other teachers: Gladys Kathleen McQueen (1942-1955)

Photos & Maps

North Ward School

Fire insurance map showing the location of the North Ward School (September 1916)
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Site Location (lat/long): N50.14776, W96.87579
denoted by symbol on the map above


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We thank Wendy Stefanyshyn for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer.

Page revised: 27 October 2018

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