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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Mowbray School No. 245 and Community Hall (RM of Pembina)

Established formally in 1887, the Mowbray School District operated as early as 1884, with a one-room schoolhouse situated at SW10-1-8W in the Municipality of Pembina. The present building was constructed at this site in 1906, retaining the name of Mowbray School (but being known locally as “Valley School”) while Boundary School was built in the nearby Mowbray village. By 1957, the students of this area were attending Boundary School. In 1967, both districts were consolidated with Manitou Consolidated School No. 314. The building, now a provincially-designated historic site, is maintained as a community museum. An old community hall stands immediately east of the school building.

Among the teachers who worked at Mowbray School through the years were John Linton (1884), Mattie Wage (1885), Lizzie Steele (1886), Alex Cormack (1887), Mrs. Richardson (1888), Clara Davidson (1889-1890), W. G. Long (1891), Mary Graham (1892-1893), Lydia Buchanan (1894), Isabel McDonald (1895), Jennie Wilson (1895), Elizabeth Connor (1896, 1902), Martha Patterson (1897-1898), Evelyn Baker (1899), Maddie Wilson (1900), Bessie Borthwick (1901), Edith Shantz (1903), Nettie Duncan (1904), Elizabeth Mason (1904-1905), Miss Pollock (1906), Mr. McIntyre (1907), Minnie Finley (1907), Miss Black (1908), Miss Cayton (1908), Florence Swain (1909), Agnes Lawlor (1910, 1912-1913), Myrta Spearman (1911), Nellie Connor (1913-1915), L. M. McKenzie (1915-1917), Shirley Moore (1916-1917), Alice Finley (1917-1918), Ethel Shaver (1918-1919), Doris McFee (1918-1920), Norman Gorrell (1919-1921), Ethel Shaver (1919-1920), Clara Siddons (1921-1922), Veda Johnston (1921-1922), Barbara Balfour (1921-1922), Inez Taylor (1922-1923), Mary Belle Currie (1923-1926), Edith Fraser (1924-1925), Elva Jickling (1926-1927), Miss Wilton (1927-1928), Miss McFadden (1927-1928), Miss Snarr (1928-1930), Miss Clack (1930-1932), Jessie McIntosh (1931-1943), Edna Poersch (1943-1944), Helen Gibson (1944-1945), Marguerite Smith (1945-1946), Mae Argue (1946-1947), Hedwig Janzen (1947-1948), Betty Bannister (1948-1949), Margaret Keir (1949-1950), Audrey Henry (1950-1951), Susie Friesen (1951-1952), Dulcie Kingston (1952-1953), Mary Anne Klassen (1953-1954), Ruby Vigen (1954-1955), and Tina Dyck (1955-1956).

Mowbray School

Mowbray School (no date) by G. G. Neufeld
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-1, page 2.

Mowbray School

The former Mowbray School building (June 2013)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Mowbray School

Interior of Mowbray School (June 2013)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Mowbray Community Hall

Mowbray Community Hall (June 2013)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Site Location (lat/long): N49.03007, W98.43563
denoted by symbol on the map above

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Mowbray School, SE 14-1-8 WPM, R.M. of Pembina, Manitoba Historic Resources Branch.

One Hundred Years in the History of the Rural Schools of Manitoba: Their Formation, Reorganization and Dissolution (1871-1971) by Mary B. Perfect, MEd thesis, University of Manitoba, April 1978.

This page was prepared by Ed Grassick and Gordon Goldsborough..

Page revised: 20 January 2016

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