Historic Sites of Manitoba: Melrose School No. 1039 / Melrose West School / Rose School No. 2332 (RM of Springfield)

The Melrose School District was established in September 1899 and operated a one-room schoolhouse in the Rural Municipality of Springfield until 1916 when another schoolhouse was commissioned. This second school site, located NE27-12-5E, was built that year and named Melrose West School [lesser known as West Melrose School]. The original school became known as Melrose East School, and following a further classroom being added site in 1917, the district operated three separate schools; Melrose West School, Melrose East School, and Melrose Central School.

During its operation, grades taught here at Melrose West School were lead by a single educator with pupils in grades ranged from one through five up to as high as nine. By 1924, the Principal was based at Melrose Central School (located next to Melrose East School) and taught the districts senior grades.

In September 1951, the Melrose School district was divided in two, with the catchment area of the Melrose West School adjusting its name former slightly to become the Rose School District No. 2332. The interior was remodeled, along with the installation of plumbing and an oil furnace. A teacherage was also added after partition from the Melrose School District. It operated independently until January 1961 when it was dissolved and its catchment area became part of the Oakbank Consolidated School District No. 2426 (later the Transcona Springfield School Division). The Rose School building was then sold to Walter Zaborniak.





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Among the teachers of Melrose West School / Rose School were Isabelle “ Isabel” Calder (Spring 1916 - Spring 1919, grades 1-4), Rozann Carey (Fall 1919 - Spring 1920, grades 1-4), Anna F. Lackmance (Fall 1920 - Spring 1921, grades 1-5), Charles Foulsham Laine (Fall 1921 - Spring 1922, grades 1-6), Marjorie M. Casey (1922-1923, grades 1-6), Frederick Webster Simms (1923-1924, grades 1-6), Bertha Barsky (September-December 1924, grades 1-6), Bernice Porterfield (January-June 1925, grades 1-7), Eugenia Progrocki (1925-1926, grades 1-7), Lydia Peters (August-December 1926, grades 1-8), Olive Bowes (January-June 1927, grades 1-8), Violet Hark (August-December 1927, grades 1-8), Marguerite Muriel Sharpe (January-June 1928, grades 1-8), Jessie Phyllis Leus (August-December 1928, grades 1-6), L. Dalhstrom (January-March 1929, grades 1-6), Kathleen Mary Bain (April-June 1929, grades 1-6), Patricia Alexandra McNevin (August-December 1929, grades 1-7), Margaret B. McNabb (January-April 1930, grades 1-7), Richard Jeffrey Wolfe (May-June 1930, grades 1-7), Bella Mary Sopchuk (Fall 1930 - Spring 1931, grades 1-8; August-September 1931, grades 1-4), Helen Bettina Francis (grades 1-4, October-December 1931; grades 1-5, January-June 1932), John Roscoe (Fall 1932 - Spring 1933, grades 1-7; Fall 1933 - Spring 1934, grades 1-6; Fall 1934 - Spring 1935, grades 1-7 & night school November-December 1934; Fall 1935 - Spring 1936, grades 1-6; Fall 1936 - Spring 1937, grades 1-8; August-September 1937, grades 1-8), Frank W. Zaborniak (September 1937, grades 1-8), Paul Harry Dudich (October 1937 - June 1938, grades 1-9), Stella H. Danicko [Danielo?] (Fall 1938), grades 1-8), Gudni Edward Borgford (Spring 1939, grades 1-8), Dennis Nazeravich (Fall 1939 - Spring 1941, grades 1-7; Fall 1941 - Spring 1942, grades 1-9), Mary Rosmenchuk (Fall 1942 - Spring 1943, grades 1-9), Helen Rose Osiowy (Fall 1943 - Spring 1944, grades 1-9), Jean B. Mirecki (Fall 1944 - Spring 1945, grades 1-8), Bernice M. Kowal (Fall 1945 - Spring 1946, grades 1-9), Elvera M. Van Ryssel (Fall 1946 - Spring 1947, grades 1-7), Rosalie Joan Golebioski (Fall 1947 - Spring 1948, grades 1-8), Julia Victoria Patson (Fall 1948 - Spring 1949, grades 1-8), Millie E. Tortynia (Fall 1949 - Spring 1950, grades 1-8), Robert Gordon Duff (Fall 1950 - Spring 1951, grades 1-8), William Alexander Lebedeff (Fall 1951 - Spring 1953, grades 1-8), Mary Belle McKerhar [McKercher?] (Fall 1953 - Spring 1955, grades 1-8), Jean Yurkowski (Fall 1955 - Spring 1958, grades 1-8), Agnes Remias (Fall 1958 - Spring 1959, grades 1-8), Marion Scyrup (Fall 1959 - Spring 1961, grades 1-7), and Walter Diachun (Fall 1961 - Spring 1965, grades 1-8).

Photos & Coordinates

Melrose West School

Melrose West School (no date) by J. E. S. Dunlop
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-2, page 45.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N50.04765, W96.82325
denoted by symbol on the map above

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