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The Greenland School District was established in December 1896 and a one-room schoolhouse operated at SW9-8-6E in the Rural Municipality of Hanover. In the mid-1920s, the building was moved one miles west to SE7-8-6E. By 1946, a second school was established within the district, with the sites known respectively as Greenland South School and Greenland North School. The district formally divided in January 1952, with the southern part being renamed Greenland South School District No. 893, and the northern part becoming a new district: Greenland North School District No. 2333. The former Greenland School building was moved to the north site (SE18-8-6E) and a new schoolhouse was constructed one mile south of the former site. By 1965, declining enrollments caused the two districts to cooperate, with students in grades 1 to 5 having classes at the North School while those in grades 6 to 8 went to the South School. The system was abandoned by the following year, with all grades meeting at the North School. Students from the South School were bused to Montezuma School and the building was sold and moved to a site along highway 52, one and three-quarters miles west of Steinbach. Both schools became part of the Hanover School Division in 1968. A commemorative sign was erected at the site by the EastMenn Historical Society in 2013.

Principals (Greenland School)




Peter Woldgemuth


Henry Krushel (1899-1987)




Benjamin “Ben” Unruh


Vernon Kenneth Toews


John Jacob Peters


Erna Abrahams


Jacob David “Jake” Pauls (1919-2012)



Principals (Greenland North School and Greenland South School)






David W. Peters

Teachers (Greenland School and Greenland South School)




Henry Krushel (grades 3-7, 1925), Aron [Aaron] Reimer Wiebe (grades 1-2, 1925), G. K. Reimer (grades 1-8, 1924), Peter Woldgemuth (grades 3-7, 1925)


See below


Benjamin “Ben” Unruh (grades 1-8, 1942; grades 4-8, 1943), Verna Elizabeth Friesen (grades 1-3, 1943)


Vernon Kenneth Toews (grades 4-8), Catherine A. Unger (grades 1-3)


John Jacob Peters (grades 4-8), Amanda Marie Reimer (grades 1-3)


Erna Abrahams (grades 4-9, 1945), Jake David Pauls (grades 4-9, 1946), Annie Penner Reimer (grades 1-3)


Alexander McNeill (grades 1-10, South School), Anne Friesen (grades 1-8, North School)


Alexander McNeill (grades 1-9, South School), Vernon Reimer (grades 1-8, North School)


Alexander McNeill (grades 1-8, South School), Mildred Penner (grades 1-8, North School)


Lawrence Klippenstein (grades 1-9, North School), David Voth (grades 1-9, South School)


Lawrence Klippenstein (grades 1-9, North School), David Voth (grades 1-9, South School)


John Martens (grades 1-8, 1951, North School), David Voth (grades 1-9, South School), (North School 1952 onwards, see Greenland North School)


(South School, see below)


David W. Peters (grades 1-5), (grades 6-8, at Greenland North School)

Among the other teachers who worked at the Greenland Schools / Greenland South School through the years were: Wilhelm Neufeld (1906), P. Hwielu? (1909), J. P. Penner (1909), Gerhard “George” de Veer (1910, 1919-1920), Lizzie Wiebe (1912, 1913-1914), H. S. Rempel (1912-1913), S. H. R. Sobering (1914-1917), Jacob G. Kornelsen (1917-1919), William Kornelsen (1920-1921), Andrew R. Sobering (1921-1922), G. K. Reimer (1922-1924), Aron [Aaron] Reimer Wiebe (1925-1926, 1929-1932, 1936-1938), J. B. Warkentin (1926-1927), Margaret F. Toews (1927-1928), Cornelius C. Warkentin (1928-1929), Richard Lehmann Reimer (1932-1936), Isaac M. Fast (1938-1939), Benjamin “Ben” Unruh (1939-1941), Gerhard J. P. Kliewer (1942), David Voth (1952-1955), David E. Goertzen (1955-1956), Wilmer Penner (1956-1957), Gerry Doerksen (1957-1958), Abram Peters (1958-1960), Olga Peter Dick (1960-1962), Monroe Dean Doerksen (1962-1964), and David W. Peters (1964-1965).

Photos & Coordinates

Greenland School

Greenland School (no date) by A. A. Herriot
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-2, page 18.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.61928, W96.75566
denoted by symbol on the map above

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Manitoba School Records Collection, Greenland School District No. 893 - Daily Registers, GR2656, Archives of Manitoba.

Manitoba School Records Collection, Greenland South School District No. 893 - Daily Registers, GR2656, Archives of Manitoba.

Manitoba School Records Collection, Greenland North School District No. 2333 - Daily Registers, GR2656, Archives of Manitoba.

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