Manitoba History: Number 28, Autumn 1994

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Family Memory, Photography and the Fur Trade: The Sinclairs at Norway House, 1902-1911 by Peter Geller

The Manitoba Mound Builders: The Making of an Archaeological Myth, 1857-1900 by Gwen Rempel

Golf Introduced into Manitoba: Samuel Bedson and a Link at Stony Mountain by Al Hackett

The Young Historian:
Francis Marion Beynon: The Forgotten Suffragist by Brie McManus

Manitoba Bibliography / 93 by Kay M. Gillespie

Exhibit Review:
Breaking the Mirror: Reflections on “Winnipeg 1919: A City in Crisis, a 75th Anniversary Exhibition on the Winnipeg General Strike” by Claudine Majzels

Dan Ring, Guy Vanderhaeghe and George Melnyk, The Urban Prairie by Sarah M. McKinnon

Shirley Render, No Place for a Lady: The Story of Canadian Women Pilots, 1928-1992 by K. Street

Bill Waiser, The New Northwest: The Photographs of the Frank Crean Expeditions, 1908-1909 by Robert M. Bone

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