Manitoba Business: Western Grocers Limited / Westfair Foods Limited

The wholesale fruit and grocery business of Western Grocers Limited was established in 1918 through the merger of the wholesale grocery firm of Riley-Ramsay Company and A. Macdonald Company. It established branches throughout western Canada and at one time was the largest wholesale food distribution company in the British Commonwealth.

In 1927, the company entered the retail grocery business when it acquired the franchise for the Red and White name. Added later were the Lucky Dollar and United Purity store chains. Control of the company was acquired in 1955 by George Weston Limited. In early 1961, the firm renamed itself Westfair Foods and created a new subsidiary called Western Grocers (1961) Limited to focus on the wholesale aspects of its business. Other company subsidiaries included Dominion Fruit Limited, W. H. Malkin Limited, Shop Easy Stores Limited, Pacific Coast Packers Limited, Chess Brothers Limited, Display Fixtures Limited, and Jenkins Groceteria Limited.

Presidents & General Managers


President & General Manager


William Pitt Riley (1870-1954)


Edwin Secord Cooper (c1903-1975)


Edward Philip Rathgeber (1913-2004)

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