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This company was founded in 1906 by Charles John Lee and Edward A. Konantz. It operated retail lumber yards through prairie Canada and Ontario, the first branch being opened at Rivers in 1907. By late 1908, they had established 16 more yards. That number had grown to 56 yards by 1936.

The company had two subsidiaries: Citizens Lumber Company and North American Buildings Limited, the latter of which did general contracting. In 1966, North American Lumber and Supply amalgamated with Citizens Lumber Company to form North American Lumber Limited. The assets of the company were intended to be sold to new ownership in 2017 but the deal fell through in late stages of negotiation. The firm’s remaining 11 stores were sold or closed through 2018.

General Managers / Presidents (North American Lumber and Supply / North American Lumber)


General Manager / President


Charles John Lee (1873-1959)


Gordon Edward Konantz (1896-1954)




Martha Konantz

General Managers (North American Buildings)


General Manager


Arni Bjorn Bjornsson (1901-1986)

Office Locations


Office Location (Winnipeg)


711-504 Main Street, Winnipeg (Royal Bank Building)


720-504 Main Street, Winnipeg (Royal Bank Building)


205 Fort Street

Construction Works in Manitoba





John Black Memorial United Church

898 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg



RCMP Office

Hendersons Avenue, Whitemouth



John A. Russell Building

84 Curry Place, Winnipeg



Manitoba Dental College

790 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg



Nurses’ Residence

Pine Falls



Unemployment Insurance Building

344 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg



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