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Established in 1946, Jameswood Place in St. James (now a suburb of Winnipeg) was one of several emergency housing projects that existed in the Greater Winnipeg area after the Second World War. The site of the former No. 8 Repair Depot (RD) was purchased by the city from the War Assets Corporation for 10% of its assessed value and the buildings were converted into short-term housing. The nearby Jameswood Place South was erected on the grounds of the No. 5 Release Centre (RC). Alderman H. B. Scott, Chairmen of the City Housing Committee, esetimated that these former military sites would provide housing for up to 1,600 people.

By late February 1946, the city had taken ownership of nine buildings (including H-huts and the former officers quarters) on the RC site, with the remaining structures (including an NCO’s mess hall, administration building, headquarters, garage, and guard shack) to follow after military use of them had ended. The residential units were old barracks and other military structures that had been converted. Consequently, many of them had shared washroom facilities, lacked sufficient heating, and several had structural problems and poor sanitation. Many of the ”suites” were simply large rooms partitioned into three smaller room. Other buildings were converted into a community hall and a skating rink was built.

Priority for the housing was given to veterans and their families. As of April 1947, 134 families were residing at the former RD and a further 63 families lived at the RC. Tenants were responsible for their own furniture and electrical equipment. During its operational lifespan, over 1,000 families took advantage of the project for temporary lodging, with up to 230 family units at its peak.

To meet the educational needs of school-age children (numbering around 67 in 1946) living in the Jameswood Place and Jamewood Place South communities, a school was provided by the Winnipeg School Division. Originally known as the No. 8 Repair Depot School, it initially consisted of two classrooms. One was used for kindergarten and the other was for primary grades. Older children were transported to other schools in the Division. As the number of eligible children increased, the building was enlarged and, in late April 1949, the school was renamed Jameswood Place School.

By 1953, the Special Committee on Housing came under pressure from the MacDonald Brothers Aircraft Limited, which owned the property, to clear the site for plant expansion. Municipal eviction notices were served in June 1954. Forty families remained on the site at the final closure on 30 June 1954. The school ceased operation and the building was closed and demolished. The Jameswood name was later re-used for the Jameswood School in the St. James-Assiniboia School Division. The site was fully evacuated by 10 October 1954, with the remaining residents relocated to the outskirts of St. James, and the buildings were salvaged for construction materials prior to demolition.





Beatrice Idell Neville Brady (1916-2014)


Isobel Kendal Jefferies (1905-1975)


School Year



Jean Robertson Frost (kindergarten), Vera Elsie Harriet DeVoin (grades 1-3)


Vera Elsie Harriet DeVoin (grades 1-3), Kathleen Maria Smith (kindergarten)


Georgina Elizabeth Loney (kindergarten), Ruth Florence Turner (grade 1), Kathleen Maria Smith (grades 2-3)


Blanche Wake Kennedy (grades 2-3), Winifred M. MacIntosh (kindergarten), Ruth Florence Turner (grades 1-2)


Blanche Wake Kennedy (grades 2-3), Winifred M. MacIntosh (kindergarten), Beatrice Idele Neville (grade 1)


Blanche Wake Kennedy (grades 2-3), Winifred M. MacIntosh (kindergarten), Beatrice Idele Neville (grade 1)


Isobel Kendal Jefferies (grades 2-3), Winifred M. MacIntosh (kindergarten), Evelyn M. Schaeffer (grades 1-2)


Ann Huch (grades 1-2), Isobel Kendal Jefferies (grades 2-3), Winifred M. MacIntosh (kindergarten)

Photos & Coordinates

No. 8 Repair Depot School / Jameswood Place School

Site Location (lat/long): N49.89508, W97.21570
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