Manitoba History: Number 79, Fall 2015

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Aerial view of St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Cemetery, a nationally- and provincially-designated historic site near Gardenton (October 2015)

Source: Gordon Goldsborough

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William James Sisler, A Most Unconventional, Conventional Man. Part Two: The Educator as Assimilationist, Defender and Public Intellectual
by Jim Mochoruk

‘A Great Feeling of Unity’: Anglican Hospitality for Orthodox Congregations in Manitoba
by Stephen Sharman

Ethnic Filtering in Nelson River Historiography
by Terence Moore

J. P. Robertson: Manitoba’s First Librarian, Curator, and Archivist
by M. C. Kotecki

The Early Years of the Manitoba Home for Boys
by Cameron Harvey

Place and Replace: Church Union and Church Buildings in Manitoba
by Peter Bush

Dr. Donald Loveridge
by Gerald Friesen and Barry Potyondi

Book Reviews

Peter Kasurak, A National Force: the Evolution of Canada's Army, 1950-2000
by C. J. Taylor

Robert M. Seiler and Tamara P. Seiler, Reel Time: Movie Exhibitors and Movie Audiences in Prairie Canada, 1896 to 1986
by Sheila Grover

Elizabeth Bingham Young and E. Ryerson Young, Mission Life in Cree-Ojibwe Country: Memories of a Mother and Son, edited and with introductions by Jennifer S. H. Brown
by Maureen Matthews

Ian Milligan, Rebel Youth: 1960s Labour Unrest, Young Workers, and New Leftists in English Canada
by James Naylor

Ted Binnema, Enlightened Zeal: The Hudson’s Bay Company and Scientific Networks, 1670-1870
by Marianne Stopp

Cara Krmpotich and Laura Peers, This is Our Life: Haida Material Heritage and Changing Museum Practice
by E. Gwyn Langemann

Cool Things in the Collection: Immigration Pamphlets at the Manitoba Legislative Library
by Heidi Rees

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