Stephen C. Sharman

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Stephen C. Sharman
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Cleric, historian.

He earned a PhD degree from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s. The title of his dissertation was ‘Visions of Light in the Writings of the Venerable Bede.’ He has a deep interest in the relations between the Christian East and the Christian West. He lives in Selkirk and attends St. Nicholas’ Orthodox Church at Narol.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Review: Delbert F. Plett (editor), Pioneers and Pilgrims, the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Mantoba, Nebraska and Kansas, 1874 to 1882
Manitoba History, Number 21, Spring 1991

Review: Hugh Dempsey (editor), Heaven is Near the Rocky Mountains: The Journal and Letters of Thomas Woolsey
Manitoba History, Number 23, Spring 1992

Review: Robert Wardhaugh (editor), Toward Defining the Prairies: Region, Culture and History
Manitoba History, Number 44, Autumn/Winter 2002-2003

Review: James P. Giffen, Rural Life: Portraits of the Prairie Town
Manitoba History, Number 49, June 2005

Review: Dennis F. Johnson, Inland Armada: The York Boats of the Hudson’s Bay Company
Manitoba History, Number 50, October 2005

Review: Norman Knowles (editor), Seeds Scattered and Sown: Studies in the History of Canadian Anglicanism
Manitoba History, Number 62, Winter 2009

‘A Great Feeling of Unity’: Anglican Hospitality for Orthodox Congregations in Manitoba
Manitoba History, Number 79, Fall 2015

Rural Manitoba and the Winnipeg Grenadiers
Prairie History, Number 10, Spring 2023

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