Manitoba History: Number 76, Fall 2014

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The war memorial at Russell, Manitoba is topped by a stone statue of a grieving soldier crafted by German-born Toronto sculptor Emanuel Hahn.

by Shawn Stankewich

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Moving South: The Other Jewish Winnipeg Before the Second World War
by Daniel Stone

Bayanihan and Belonging: Filipinos in Manitoba, Part 1
by Alison Marshall

Winnipeg’s Great War Legacy
by Tim Higgins

The Making of a Memorial
by Nicola Spasoff

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Manitoba’s Military Monuments
by Gordon Goldsborough

The Darlingford Memorial Park
by Jeffrey Thorsteinson

Zepherin LaPorte: The “Forrest Gump” of Red River
by Tom LaPorte

Book Reviews

W. H. B. Hoare, A Thelon Odyssey: Journal of a Barrenlander and Return to the Barrens edited by Sheila C. Thompson
by Graham MacDonald

Donica Belisle, Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada. Cheryl Krasnik Warsh & Dan Malleck (editors), Consuming Modernity: Gendered Behaviour and Consumerism before the Baby Boom. Graham Broad, A Small Price to Pay: Consumer Culture on the Canadian Home Front, 1939-45
by Scott Stephen

Graham MacDonald, From Lac La Ronge Country
by Bob Cockburn

Misao Dean, Inheriting a Canoe Paddle: The Canoe in Discourses of English-Canadian. Bruce Erickson, Canoe Nation: Nature, Race, and the Making of a Canadian Icon
by Jamie Morton

Royden Loewen, Village Among Nations: “Canadian” Mennonites in a Transnational World 1916-2006
by Roland Sawatsky

Letter to the Editor

Cool Things in the Collection
For Home and Country: Reflections of the Great War on a Women’s Society
by Marianne Reid

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