Manitoba History: Number 23, Spring 1992

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Labour in Brandon Civic Politics: A Long View by Errol Black and Tom Black

Influenza by Peter Wilton

Dufferin: Then and Now

The Women’s Institute Loan Collection of Handicrafts Finds a Home by Heather Meiklejohn

Behind Every Hero by Roberta Kempthorne

Manitoba’s Coal Rush by Bob Caldwell

Documents and Archives:
The Importance of Collecting Historically Significant Material in Small Communities, or “Raiders of the Lost Archives” by Carole Ann Roberts

Allen Mills, Fool for Christ: The Political Thought of J. S. Woodsworth by Robert W. Brockway

James Silver and Jeremy Hull (editors), The Political Economy of Manitoba by Allen Mills

Paul Rutherford, When Television was Young: Primetime Canada, 1952-1967 by Fred McGuinness

Hugh Dempsey (editor), Heaven is Near the Rocky Mountains: The Journal and Letters of Thomas Woolsey by S. C. Sharman

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