Manitoba History: Number 20, Autumn 1990

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Sanctuary, no date
Silkscreen print by Christopher Finn, 1988

Source: the artist

Fort Churchill, 1821-1900: An Outpost Community in the Fur Trade by Michael Payne

Documents and Archives: Reminiscences of an Old Timer by Jean A. Drever (Mrs. W. Cyprian Pinkham)

Leary Brickworks, Learys, Manitoba by D. Neufeld

The Renewal of Chapelle St. Thérèse by André de Leyssac

Historical Tour - Boissevain, Manitoba by Gail McCallum

Manitoba Bibliography/89 by K. M. Gillespie

Western Manitoba and the 1885 Rebellion by Ken Coates

Site Review: Planning for Heritage at the St. Anthonys Falls in Minneapolis/St. Paul: Some Parallels with the Forks in Winnipeg by Thora Cartlidge and Graham A. MacDonald


R. Cole Harris (editor), Historical Atlas of Canada, Volume 1. From the Beginning to 1800 by Graham MacDonald

John S. Milloy, The Plains Cree: Trade, Diplomacy and War, 1790 to 1870 by Walter Hildebrandt

R. Douglas Francis, Images of the West: Changing Perceptions of the Prairies, 1690-1960 by Morris Mott

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