Morris Kenneth Mott

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Morris Mott
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Born at Creelman, Saskatchewan (near Weyburn), he played serious hockey for the Weyburn Red Wings, for the Canadian National Hockey Team which was based in Winnipeg in the late 1960s, and then in pro hockey for the California Seals of the NHL, and the Salt Lake City Golden Eagles of the Western Hockey League.

While in Winnipeg with Canada’s National Team (being a member of the bronze medal-winning Olympic team at Grenoble, France), he received BA and MA degrees in History from the University of Manitoba. Later he obtained his PhD in History from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. His first academic appointments were sessional appointments in History at the University of Manitoba. In 1986, he joined the History Department at Brandon University. He retired in September 2012 but still holds the position of Professor Emeritus at that institution.

He has published two books and several articles, notably on the history of sport and on the political history of Manitoba. In a recent book on Manitoba’s Premiers published by the Canadian Plains Research Centre, he contributed an article on T. C. Norris. He served as Co-Editor of Manitoba History for many years.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

One Towns Team: Souris and its Lacrosse Club, 1887-1906
Manitoba History, Number 1, 1981

Review: John W. Chalmers, Laird of the West
Manitoba History, Number 6, Fall 1983

An Interview with C. H. Scrymgeour
Manitoba History, Number 14, Autumn 1987

Introduction: The North in Manitoba History
Manitoba History, Number 15, Spring 1988

“You couldn’t run a game on Saturday night“: The Winnipeg Warriors, Television, and the Business of Pro Hockey, 1955-1961
Manitoba History, Number 27, Spring 1994

Review: J. Alan Hackett, Manitoba Links: A Kaleidoscopic History of Golf
Manitoba History, Number 41, Spring/Summer 2001

An Immense Hold in the Public Estimation: The First Quarter Century of Hockey in Manitoba, 1886-1911
Manitoba History, Number 43, Spring/Summer 2002

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