Manitoba History: Number 16, Autumn 1988

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“Reflections,” Ross Lake Subdivision, Flin Flon, 1949

Source: Western Canada Pictorial Index

Manitoba’s Resource Towns: The Twentieth Century Frontier by Robert Robson

Manitoba Bibliography / 1987 by K. M. Gillespie

History and Live Theatre in Winnipeg by Barry McCarten

The Sacking of Peter Fidler’s Brandon House, 1816 by C. Stuart Houston and Mary I. Houston

Memories of Christmas by Flora Stevens, Idell Brady and Vera Fryer

Documents and Archives: The Archives of La Société historique de Saint-Boniface by Gilles Lesage

Imports and Exports in the Manitoba Economy 1870-1890 by Gerald Friesen


Christine Mander, Emily Murphy: Rebel. First Female Magistrate in the British Empire by Linda Kealey

Thomas P. Socknat, Witness Against War: Pacifism in Canada 1900-1945 by Harry Loewen

Victor Levant, Quiet Complicity: Canadian Involvement in the Vietnam War by Alvin Finkel

George F. G. Stanley (editor), The Collected Writings of Louis Riel, 5 Volumes by Michael Gauvreau

Nancy M. Sheehan, J. Donald Wilson and David C. Jones (editors), Schools in the West: Essays in Canadian Educational History by David G. Burley

L. Klippenstein, A. Ens and M. Franz (editors), Resources for Canadian Mennonite Studies - An Inventory and Guide to Archival Holdings at the Mennonite Heritage Centre by David Neufeld

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