Manitoba History: Number 8, Autumn 1984

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The Robert Kerr Residence, SE13-15-16-W1, abandoned since 1956

Source: Lorne Heska

Port Nelson and the Hudson Bay Railway by D. Malaher

Using the Hudson's Bay Company Archives for the Study of Social History: York Factory as a Case Study by Michael Payne

The Young Historian:
The Jewish Community of Portage la Prairie by Michael D. Greenberg

Prairie Endurance: The Robert Kerr Residence, Franklin, Manitoba by Ken Heshka, Lorne Heshka & Lindy Clubb

Historical Tour: Highway 26 by Rosemary Malaher

Using the Canada’s Visual History Series by Ken Osborne

Manitoba Bibliography/83 by Kay Gillespie


Fighting Days by E. Buffie

The Trials of Lord Selkirk by Robert Coutts

Granite Lips, a Stone Throat: The Voice of the Canadian Space. Jake MacDonald, Indian River & Jim Tallosi, The Trapper and the Fur-Faced Spirits by Daniel S. Lenoski

Martin Robin, The Saga of Red Ryan and Other Tales of Violence from Canadas Past by Tim Trivett

Jewish Life and Times: A Collection of Essays by A. G. Levine

Leland Stowe, The Last Great Frontiersman by Keith D. Olson

James G. MacGregor, Vision of an Ordered Land: The Story of the Dominion Land Survey by Barry Kaye

Hugh A. Dempsey, Christmas in the West by Richard Grover

Virginia G. Berry (curator), A Boundless Horizon: Visual Records of Exploration and Settlement in the Manitoba Region 1924-1874 by W. Martha E. Cooke

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