Manitoba History: Number 7, Spring 1984

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Lunette Mural Commemorating the First World War. Cupola Hall of the Manitoba Legislative Building

Source: Paul Quigley

The Politics of Child Welfare in Manitoba, 1922-1924 by Lorna Hurl

Forgotten Artist: Sir Frank Brangwyn: 1867-1956 by Angela E. Davis

Victimizing His Lordship: Lord Selkirk and the Upper Canadian Courts by F. L. Barron

An Interview with Grace MacInnis by Allen Mills

A Future for Your Past: Decorating With History by George R. Fuller

Famous Places: The Manitoba Sanatorium, Ninette by Tim Trivett

The Young Historian: Barbara Claassen Smucker's 'Days of Terror' by Esther Epp-Tiessen

Areen Mulder by David McDowell

Documents & Archives: Can a Woman Raise a Family and Have a Career? by Nellie McClung


Five Lukewarm Books on a Hot Topic by George A. Schultz

Paul W. Riegert, From Arsenic to DDT: A History of Entomology in Western Canada by D. M. Loveridge

W. Peter Ward and Robert A. J. McDonald (editors), British Columbia: Historical Readings by Jacqueline Gresko

Linda Camponi, Maps of Indian Reserves and Settlements in the National Map Collection, Volume 1: British Columbia,Volume 2: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories by Barry Kaye

Bob Lowery, The Unbeatable Breed: People and Events in Northern Manitoba by J. D. Ingram

Irving Abella and Harold Troper, None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948 by Michael R. Angel

J. M. Bumsted, The Peoples Clearance: Highland Emigration to British North America, 1770-1815 by Alexander Fenton

Eric Wells, Winnipeg: Where the New West Begins, An Illustrated History by Randy R. Rostecki

Charles Taylor, Radical Tories: The Conservative Tradition in Canada by Patricia Jasen

Thomas Clement Douglas, The Making of a Socialist: The Recollections of T. C. Douglas by Allen Mills

R. D. Francis and H. Ganzevoort (editors), The Dirty Thirties in Prairie Canada: 11th Western Canada Studies by Patricia Dirk

Ronald A. Wells (editor), Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba: A Record of Emigrant Life in the Canadian West by Daniel S. Lenoski

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