Historic Sites of Manitoba: Tamarack Lake School No. 1894 (RM of Alonsa)

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The Tamarack Lake School District, named for the prominent local water feature, was formally established in June 1917 within what would later become the Rural Municipality of Alonsa. In August 1917, a five for to none opposide vote of district ratepayers approved a $1,300 debenture was issued for the construction and furnishing of a schoolhouse. The structure was built during the spring of 1918 by contractor Jules Duran. With local classes having begun in the spring term of 1919, a further $350 debenture was issued in July 1919 to finish construction of the schoolhouse. The building was situated near the northwest corner within NW10-26-13 west of the Principal Meridian.

Between 1926 and 1928, the district operated two classrooms, the location for the second of which is not yet determined. Reverting back to a single classroom, the school remained operational until the summer of 1944, having been amalgamated in April 1944 along with Thibert School District No. 1740 and Sunland School District No. 1634 into the Thibert School District No. 1740. The area later became part of the Turtle River School Division.


Among the teachers of Tamarack Lake School were G. Bechelar (March-April 1919), A. L. Herron (April-June & Fall 1919), Donald M. Stewart (Spring 1920), Thomas Montgomery (Fall 1920 - Spring 1921), E. Jacob (October-November 1921), Alfred H. Cheales (November 1921 - June 1922), F. D. Harwood (Fall 1922), ? (Spring 1923), C. J. Burrows (Fall 1923), Alex Trobricker? (pt Spring 1924?), Leon Vermette (pt Spring 1924), see below (Fall 1925 - Spring 1928), Francois Carriere (Fall 1928 - Spring 1929), Elmer Foster Creighton (October 1929 - March 1930), Earle G. McKitrick (April-June 1930), Victor A. Bonin (Fall 1930 - Spring 1931), Grace Mary Tucker (Fall 1931 - Spring 1935), Marguerite Elizabeth Stocker (Fall 1935 - Spring 1937), Janet Orr Wilson (Fall 1937 - Spring 1938), records not available [did not operate?] (Fall 1938 - Spring 1939), Andrew Tass Russell (Fall 1939 - Spring 1940), and Marie Anna Alice Carriere (Fall 1940 - Spring 1944).




Francois Carriere (grades 1-4, Spring), William Fraser (grades 1-5, July-December) James Percy Moore (grades 1-5, Spring)


Francois Carriere (grades 1-4, Fall; grades 1-5, Spring), James Percy Moore (grades 1-5, Fall), E. Moore Perry (grades 1-6, Spring)


Francois Carriere (grades 1-4), Patrick Joseph McHugh (grades 1-6)

Photos & Coordinates

Tamarack Lake School

Tamarack Lake School (no date) by H. J. Everall
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A 0233, GP1-3-1-3-3, page 53.

Tamarack Lake School teacherage

Tamarack Lake School teacherage (no date) by H. J. Everall
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A 0233, GP1-3-1-3-3, page 53.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N51.24271, W99.21885
denoted by symbol on the map above

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