Historic Sites of Manitoba: South Ward School / Daerwood School (211 Main Street, Selkirk)

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In September 1907, voters of the Selkirk School District decided by a 97 to 7 margin to spend $11,000 upgrading the Central School and building the South Ward School. The single-storey, two-room building was situated on the west side of Main Street in Selkirk, just north and immediately across from Grain Avenue. Two years later, voters overwhelmingly approved a grade re-alignment whereby the South Ward School was used exclusively for high school grades.

In May 1949, construction of a new $150,000 school building got under way with the award of a contract to the Leitch Construction Company. A cornerstone laying ceremony followed on 15 July, performed by Minister of Education C. Rhodes Smith and School Inspector H. E. Riter. Also present were Attorney-General and former School Board Chairman James Osborne McLenaghen, Acting Mayor Stefan “Steve” Oliver, School Board Chairman Charles Harper, ex-Chair Ruth Caroline Hooker, Chamber of Commerce President F. L. Bishop, Reverend S. Olafson, and Reverend R. S. Montgomery.

The single-storey, eight-classroom facility, designed by Winnipeg architect Edgar Prain, featured an auditorium, home economics classes, and manual training departments. The new building, set further back from Main Street and behind the original structure, opened in early January 1950. The old building was later demolished. An expansion of the west side occurred in 1976.

A contest held by the School Board selected the name “Daerwood” submitted by Barry Gordon, son of Selkirk Mayor William E. Gordon.







Beulah Lyall Dickinson Morrison (1897-1993)




F. M. Pringle




George Egerton Snider (1874-1935)




John Macgregor Wilkie (1904-1991)


Frederick Andrew Richard Justus (1878-1943)




Mary McLaren “Mae” Gardiner (?-1997)




Darcelle Saunders


School Year



Miss Lee


Beulah Lyall Dickinson, Miss McLean, Miss Ruth Swanson


Miss E. Abett, Miss E. Hedley, Miss V. Lea




Miss E. Ablett, Miss E. Hedley, Miss V. Lea


Miss E. Ablett, Miss E. Hedley, Miss V. Lea


Myrtle Goldstone, Miss E. Hedley, Miss V. Lea


Myrtle Goldstone, Miss V. Lea, Miss M. McLeod




Verna Gunter, Alda Jones


Verna Gunter, Mary McClellan


Mary McClellan, Kathleen McQueen


Miss M. McClellan, Miss J.T. Tweed


Miss L. Greenham, Miss B. Macintosh, Miss F. Thordarson


Miss A. Bannerman, Miss L. Greenham, Miss J. Grey


Beatrice Allen, Miss A. Bannerman, Margaret Eames, Miss B. Macintosh


Miss B. Allen (grade 1), Miss M. Bannerman (grade 4), Margaret Eames (grade 5), Mary McLaren “Mae” Gardiner (grade 6), Elizabeth Margaret “Bess” Macintosh (grades 2 & 3)


Beatrice Allen, Miss A. Bannerman, Margaret Eames, Miss B. Macintosh




Margaret Eames, Miss Constance Holliday, Miss Jean McKen


Margaret Eames, Myrtle Eassett, Margaret Penner, Dorothy Reickseidler, Eldora Reickseidler, Annie Tkazcuk


Margaret Eames, Mrs. M. Empy, Miss M. Empy, Miss E. H. Klein, Miss M. Penner, Dorothy Reickseidler, Eldora Reickseidler, Annie Thaczuk


A. Browning, Margaret Eames, A. R. Miller, Miss M. Penner, Dorothy Reickseidler, Eldora Reickseidler, E. Stelman, E. Taylor, Annie Thaczuk


Miss M. Andrew, Mrs. A. Browning, Mrs. I. Duckenich, Margaret Eames, Miss A. Patuchenko, Miss E. Reckseidler, Miss I. Stelman, Mrs. E. Taylor


Miss E. Beckseidler (Grade 1), Mrs. M. Blackman (Home Economics), Miss C. Carmichael (Grade 1), Mrs. I. Dukenich (Grade 3), Margaret Eames (Grade 6), Mary McLaren “Mae” Gardiner (Grade 7), Elizabeth Margaret “Bess” Macintosh (Grade 2), Miss A. G. Pastushenko (Grade 6), Miss E. E. Steiman (Grade 4), Mrs. E. J. Taylor (Grade 5)


Mrs. M. Blackman, Mrs. I. E. Dukenich, Margaret Eames, Miss N. Fraser, Miss M. I. Kerr, Mrs. E. J. Taylor, Miss G. M. Todo

Long-time teachers included Mary McLaren “Mae” Gardiner (1928-1943) and Elizabeth Margaret “Bess” Macintosh (1943-1971).

Photos & Coordinates

South Ward School

South Ward School (no date)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough, 2014-0244

Daerwood School

Daerwood School (August 2016)
Source: Nathan Kramer

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N50.13616, W96.88301
denoted by symbol on the map above


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This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer.

Page revised: 5 September 2021

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