MHS Centennial Organization: Wellington Elementary School

Wellington Elementary School was the first school in the Winnipeg School Division in which the Department of Parks and Recreation played an active part, so that flexibility of space and varied use was one of its main goals. The one-storey, three-room wood building constructed on the block between Beverley and Simcoe Streets over a period of three months in mid-1898 was described as “large, airy and comfortable, a great improvement on those formerly in use in that vicinity.” Inevitably, growth of the surrounding community rendered the building inadequate so, in 1906, it was replaced by a ten-room, three-storey brick and stone structure. Ten additional classrooms and an assembly hall were added the next year. The original wood building continued to be used for other training purposes until 1930, when it was torn down. Further additions and renovations were made in 1959. The present Wellington School, capable of accommodating 850 pupils, was completed in 1972.

An MHS Centennial Organization Award was presented by President Gordon Goldsborough to Ms. Angeline Ramkissoon, Principal of Wellington Elementary School, on 23 April 2006.

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