Manitoba History: Number 81, Summer 2016

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Red River Cart at Lower Fort Garry
(July 2016)

Source: Holly Thorne

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Thrashing Seasons: The Origins of Prairie Wrestling
by C. Nathan Hatton

Heritage and the Landscape of Memory: Commemorating the Fur Trade in Manitoba
by Robert Coutts

James McGlashecn Cumines: Brochet’s Pioneering Game Warden
by Leslie M. Oystryk

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Rise of the Concrete Giants
by Gordon Goldsborough

The Jewish Orphanage of Western Canada and the Economics of Religious Communal Identity
by Sharon Graham


Exhibit Review: “The Franklin Exploration Micro-Exhibit,” by the Royal Ontario Museum and Parks Canada
by Frieda Esau Klippenstein

Emilie Cameron, Far Off Metal River: Inuit Lands, Settler Stories, and the Making of the Contemporary Arctic
by Brian Smith

Larry Loyie, with Wayne K. Spear and Constance Brissenden, Residential Schools with the Words and Images of Survivors - A National Story
by Anne Lindsay

Gerald T. Conaty, ed. We Are Coming Home: Repatriation and the Restoration of Blackfoot Cultural Confidence
by Cara Krmpotich

Stefan Epp-Koop, We’re Going To Run This City, Winnipeg’s Political Left after the General Strike and Michael Dupuis, Winnipeg’s General Strike, Reports from the Front Lines
by Greg Thomas

Cool Things in the Collection: The Fred McGuinness Collection
by Christy Henry and Suyoko Tsukamoto

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