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Manitoba History: Manitoba Bibliography / 1989

by K. M. Gillespie

Number 20, Autumn 1990

This article was published originally in Manitoba History by the Manitoba Historical Society on the above date. We make this online version available as a free, public service. As an historical document, the article may contain language and views that are no longer in common use and may be culturally sensitive in nature.

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Government of Canada : Canadian Parks Service

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Government of Manitoba : Agriculture

A Century of Horticulture in Manitoba, 1880-1980. P. J. Peters, 527 pp., ill.

Government of Manitoba : Culture, Heritage and Recreation

Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain. Rapport annuel. 17 pp. Also published in English.

Manitoba Arts Council. Annual Report. 39/40 pp. Text in English and French.

Manitoba Intercultural Council. Annual Report. 42/42 pp. Text in English and French.

Government of Manitoba : Historic Resources Branch

Ancient Traders in Southern Manitoba. 12 pp., ill.

Architectural Heritage: The Selkirk and District Planning Area. David Butterfield. 204 pp., ill.

A Glossary of Manitoba Prehistoric Archaeology. 136 pp., ill.

Grand Rapids, Manitoba. Martha McCarthy. vii, 193 pp., ill. (Papers in Manitoba History, no.1)

Grund Lutheran Church. rev. 17 pp., ill.

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A Review of the Heritage Resources of Russell-Binscarth Planning District. Karen Nicholson. 284 pp., 3 folded leaves.

A Review of the Heritage Resources of Virden-Wallace Planning District. Karen Nicholson. 269 pp., 2 folded leaves.

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Wild Ricing in Manitoba. 10 pp., ill.

Government of Manitoba : Public Library Services

A Catalogue of Non-fiction Books Available from Public Library Services. No. 13. 109 pp.

A Catalogue of Talking Books. 3 v.(2333 p.). Talking books held by Manitoba Public Library and the Winnipeg Public Library. Some text in French.

Recreation in Remote Northern Manitoba Communities. Summary Report. Richard Hart. 69 leaves. A report of the Remote Communities Recreation Conference, Thompson, Manitoba, March 2-3, 1989.

Government of Manitoba : Education

Schools in Manitoba—ecoles du Manitoba. 35 pp. Includes list of Franco-Manitoban and French immersion schools.

Heritage Language Resources: An Annotated Bibliography. iv, 89 pp. Issued by Multiculture Educational Resource Centre.

Government of Manitoba : Natural Resources

The Pembina River Valley Study: Planning for a Recreational Corridor. D. J. McNaughton. 94 leaves.

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System: Objectives, Principles and Procedures. 24/27 pp. Text in English and French.

Wildlife Fur Policy. 1 v.

Government of Manitoba : Northern Affairs

Community Profiles, 1988: A Guide to the 54 Communities in Northern Manitoba Under the Jurisdiction of the Northern Affairs Act. 104 pp., ill.

Government of Manitoba : Rural Development

Bootstrap two: Stories of Rural Manitoba Entrepreneurs. Fred McGuiness. 58 pp., ill.

Government of Manitoba : Urban Affairs

Government-mandated Citizen Boards in the City of Winnipeg: An Analysis. Larry Orr. iv, 92 (9) pp.


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