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Brandonography: Historical Writings on Manitoba’s “Wheat City”

This feature accompanies Manitoba History, Number 56 (October 2007), a special commemorative issue for the 125th anniversary of the founding of the City of Brandon, in 1882.

Early Days in Brandon by Hartwell Bowsfield
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 3, Number 1, September 1957

Brandon and the Saskatchewan Rebellion by MacDonald Coleman
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 3, Number 3, April 1958

View of Brandon, circa 1913. A streetcar from the newly inaugurated system can be seen in the foreground, running on Tenth Street.
Source: Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum, 80-153-1

Nice to Grow Up In by Hilda Hesson
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 5, Number 2, January 1960

The Fur Trade Posts of the Souris-Mouth Area by Alice E. Brown
MHS Transactions, Series 3, 1961-62 Season

Brandon House by Ross Mitchell
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 7, Number 2, January 1962

Western Canada in 1886 by John H. Warkentin
MHS Transactions, Series 3, 1963-64 Season

Postcard of Brandon Winter Fair Building, circa 1912, before it was used for the internment of “aliens” during the First World War
Source: Jack Stothard, EXIB132

The First Juvenile Court Judge: The Honourable Thomas Mayne Daly KC by Roy St. George Stubbs
MHS Transactions, Series 3, Number 34, 1977-78 Season

The Brandon Wheat Kings - 1887 Vintage by A. D. “Tony” Doerksen
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 22, Number 1, Winter 1977

The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions by Antoine S. Lussier
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 23, Number 4, Summer 1978

Postcard of Empire Brewery parade float, 1918. The Empire Brewery operated between 1899 and 1931. The building in the background, at the corner of Pacific Avenue and First Street, was built in 1903.
Source: Dave Craig

Harry Cater: The Personification of the Successful Municipal Politician? by W. Leland Clark
MHS Transactions, Series 3, Number 35, 1978-79 Season

Grand Valley, A Boom Town 1878-1885 by Isabelle B. Heeney
Manitoba Pageant, Volume 24, Number 4, Summer 1979

An Interview with Fred McGuinness by Gerald A. Friesen
Manitoba History, Number 2, 1981

Rural Resources Archives - Brandon, Manitoba by Kate Kuntz
Manitoba History, Number 3, 1982

A Walking Tour of Brandon
Manitoba History, Number 6, Fall 1983

A crew lays street car tracks on Tenth Street, in this October 1911 photo by Frank Gowen of Brandon
Source: Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum, 86-1-170

Life in the Brandon Gaol by Jo Ann Tymchak
Manitoba History, Number 9, Spring 1985

In the Image of Ontario: Public Schools in Brandon 1881-1890 by Tom Mitchell
Manitoba History, Number 12, Autumn 1986

This cabinet photograph of Brandon’s Grand View Hotel, on Pacific Avenue opposite the Canadian Pacific Railway station, was taken on 10 August 1891
Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum, 86-148-9

The Sacking of Peter Fidler’s Brandon House, 1816 by C. Stuart Houston and Mary I. Houston
Manitoba History, Number 16, Autumn 1988

Brandon, 1919: Labour and Industrial Relations in the Wheat City in the Year of the General Strike by Tom Mitchell
Manitoba History, Number 17, Spring 1989

Western Manitoba and the 1885 Rebellion by Ken Coates
Manitoba History, Number 20, Autumn 1990

The Brandon Asylum Fire of 1910 by Kurt Rekvik
Manitoba History, Number 21, Spring 1991

This early 20th century postcard of Brandon’s Imperial Hotel, at the corner of Eighth Street and Rosser Avenue, shows a vehicle used to transport guests to and from the nearby railway station
Jack Stothard, HTSL026

Labour in Brandon Civic Politics: A Long View by Errol Black and Tom Black
Manitoba History, Number 23, Spring 1992

“Only Brandon Men Can and Will Save It”: Boosterism, Brandon College, and the Crisis of the Great Depression by Tom Mitchell and W. R. Morrison
Manitoba History, Number 24, Autumn 1992

Granting “a square deal:” The Brandon Unemployed Worker and the Political Education of Brandon’s Jobless during the Great Depression by Donica Belisle
Manitoba History, Number 36, Autumn/Winter 1998-1999

McKee of Brandon College by Tommy McLeod
Manitoba History, Number 40, Autumn/Winter 2000-2001

The yard of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in Brandon, date unknown
Source: S. J. McKee Archives, Brandon University, Lawrence Stuckey Collection P13

Brandon Club (MHS Centennial Organization)

Brandon Streets in the 1911 Canada Census

Christie’s Office Plus (MHS Centennial Business)

History in Brandon Street Names

In this 1882 view of the west side of Sixth Street, from Rosser Avenue to Pacific Avenue, are shown Winter & O'Neail (general store), Jas. A. Smart (hardware), the Grand Central Hotel (1882-1890), the American House Hotel, houses and shops, and the Brandon House Hotel
Source: S. J. McKee Archives, Brandon University, Lawrence Stuckey Collection C1

Mayors of Brandon

Reesor's Jewellery (MHS Centennial Business)

St. Matthew’s Cathedral (MHS Centennial Organization)

The Assiniboine Basin by Martin Kavanagh

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