Manitoba Business: Watson and Dwyer Publishers

In 1977, this Winnipeg-based publishing company was co-founded by Shirlee Anne Smith and Helen Spinks Burgess, named for their mothers’ respective maiden names. It specialized in books on western Canadian and fur trade history.

Among the books published by the company were the following, in chronological order:

The Autumn and Winter Catalogue 1910-1911 of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1977

The Home Children: Their Personal Stories edited by Phyllis Harrison, 1979

Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur-Trade Society in Western Canada, 1670-1870 by Sylvia Van Kirk, 1980

Alexandre: A Saga of Northern Ontario by Helene Brodeur, 1983

Coplalook: Chief Trader, Hudson's Bay Company, 1923-1939 by A. Dudley Copland, 1985

Rose Delima: A Saga of Northern Ontario by Helene Brodeur, 1987

Dogtown to Dauphin by Adam S. Little, 1988

The Manager's Tale by Hugh Mackay Ross, 1989

Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man by Sydney Augustus Keighley, 1989

Across the Keewatin Icefields: Three Years Among the Canadian Eskimos, 1913-1916 by Christian Leden, edited by Shirlee Anne Smith, translated by Leslie Neatby, 1990

Grain: The Entrepreneurs by Charles W. Anderson, 1991

A Good Solid Comfortable Establishment: An Illustrated History of Lower Fort Garry by Graham A. MacDonald, 1992

From Bush to Boardroom: A Personal View of Five Decades of Aviation History by Duncan MacLaren, 1992

Sigfusson's Roads by Svein Sigfusson, 1992

A Narrative History of Fort Dunvegan by Daniel Francis and Michael Payne, 1993

My Amma and Me by Evelyn K. Thorvaldson, 1993

The Manitoba Flood of 1950: An Illustrated History by J. M. Bumsted, 1993

Climates of Our Birth by Stuart James Whitley, 1994

The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 by J. M. Bumsted, 1994

Western Witness: The Presbyterians in the Area of Synod of Manitoba by James W. Marnoch, 1994

Last Steps to Freedom: The Evolution of Canadian Racism by John Boyko, 1995

A Partnership of Equals: The Struggle for the Reform of Family Law in Manitoba by Berenice B. Sisler, 1996

The Honourable Donald: A Saga of Northern Ontario by Helene Brodeur, 1996

The Red River Rebellion by J. M. Bumsted, 1996

Gold Diggers of the Klondike: Prostitution in Dawson City, Yukon, 1898-1908 by Bay Ryley, 1997

Watch the Rope by Wlliam E. Morriss, 1997

Winnipeg Landmarks by Murray Peterson and Robert J. Sweeney, 1997

Directions: A Guide to Libraries in Manitoba by Donna G. Strike, 1998

Inuit Art: An Anthology introduced by Alma Houston, 1998

I Volunteered: Canadia Vietnam Vets Remember by Tracey Arial, 1998

She Was Only 3: The Trials of John Thomas James Jr. by John D. Montgomery, 1998

Winnipeg Landmarks II by Murray Peterson and Robert J. Sweeney, 1998

Under the Southern Cross by Jeffrey P. Morski, 2000

Western Challenge: The Presbyterian Church in Canada's Mission on the Prairies and North, 1885-1925 by Peter Bush, 2000

Trials & Errors: The People vs Brian Gordon Jack by John D. Montgomery, 2001

Beyond Redemption: The People vs Lucas and Bender by John D. Montgomery, 2004

A Snug Little Flock: The Social Origins of the Riel Resistance of 1869-70 by Frits Pannekoek, 2009

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