Manitoba Historical Society: Field Trips





Jens Munk at Churchill

Fall 2019

Flood History of the Red River and Settlement of the Emerson-Tolstoi Area

Summer 2019

Fisher River First Nation and Peguis Treaty Days

Spring 2019

Western Interlake

Fall 2018

Peguis First Nation: Land, People, and Culture

Summer 2018

Jewish Farm Settlement and Rock Lake Hutterite Colony

Spring 2018

Water: Resources and Recreation in Southeastern Manitoba

Fall 2017

Ukrainian and Romanian Settlement on the Southwest Slopes of the Riding Mountains

Spring 2017

Manitoba’s Military Legacy

Fall 2016

Exploring the Pembina Valley Region of Southern Manitoba

Spring 2016

Exploring the Prairie Fringe

Fall 2015

The Settlement History of Manitoba’s Eastern Interlake

Spring 2015

Agriculture, Settlement and Society Along the Assiniboine

Spring 2014

Morden, Winkler and the Manitoba Escarpment

Spring 2013

Early Schools and the Development of Education in Manitoba

Fall 2005

History and Present Status of US-Canadian Boundary Issues

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