Honorary Secretary's Report, Annual Meeting

by David McDowell

MHS Transactions, Series 3, Number 29, 1972-73 season

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The Manitoba Historical Society again has had a busy year. Eight papers have been presented to the members, six at the regular meetings held in the Planetarium Auditorium and one each at the January and May dinners held in the Fort Garry Hotel. Each member has been sent the monthly newsletter, a Fall Pageant, and the 1971-1972 Transactions. We hope the newsletter has kept our membership informed about new books and historical events.

On 23 June, one hundred and fifteen members and friends made a field trip to Swan River, The Pas and Thompson, and on 17 September, one hundred and forty took part in a joint Canadian-US trip into La Verendrye country. Later a busload journeyed to the continental divide in South Dakota, returning via West Fargo's "Bonanzaville" and other historic sites.

It was with regret that the Executive accepted the resignation of the Executive Director, Wilson Green, in November. He had done very capable work in promoting the Society. Interviews have been held to find a new director, but appointment has been delayed until funds for 1973-1974 are finalized. The President, A. G. Pruden, secretary Miss Areen Mulder, with the help of Charles Allin, have kept the office running smoothly in the interim.

Our Society suffered the loss of our Honourary President, Dr. Ross Mitchell, in December. We are privileged to have had such a long association with him.

The Society's major project, 61 Carlton Street, has been progressing under the direction of Past President W. S. Martin. The financing has been the hardest part, although donations of $25,000 and a Winter Works grant have helped. An open house on 10 December and a later one for the Antique Association gave some financial aid and both generated further interest.

The Society now has eighteen local chapters, the most recent being the Brandon Mental Hospital Historical Chapter.

The Nominating Committee will present the new slate of Council and Executive members. We offer our thanks to those who are retiring after the past years of service. Some of the new members of Executive and Council will begin their term by attending the 25 May opening of the RCMP exhibit at the Lower Fort.

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