Northern Prairie Ships: Sultana

Laid down at Selkirk in 1889 by Captain John Andrew Howell and Daniel “Dan” Daly, the Sultana measured 142.3 feet stem to stern, 22.7 feet in beam, 8.8 feet in draught, and displaced both 358 gross and net tons. It began as a wood hull tow barge commissioned by the Northwest Navigation Company. In 1891, she was rebuilt into a screw propulsion steamer, with its gross tonnage remaining static and its net tonnage was reduced to 243. Accommodation within was had for passengers and the steamer also saw regular use as a tugboat and freighter.

Early into the 1890s, it operated in service of the Selkirk Fish Company and was under the command of Captain Howell (1894-1895), while also used for the fishing company of Reid & Tait. In June 1901, a gale on Lake Winnipeg drove her ashore at the mouth of the Saskatchewan River. By the summer of 1902, the Sultana had been brought back to Selkirk where its machinery and upper decks were removed in the process to re-converted her back to a barge. The vessel's Registry was closed in February 1908, with its purported final location being at the Fort Alexander Mills (1911).

Sultana, labelled as "Refrigerator Barge - fishing industry of Winnipeg"

Sultana, labelled as “Refrigerator Barge - fishing industry of Winnipeg” (1890)
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