Northern Prairie Ships: Alexandra

Built in 1902, the Alexandra was launched into the Red River near the Louise Bridge. Its maiden excursion was on 14 August 1902, carrying a group of IOOF members from Winnipeg to Selkirk. The vessel, with a capacity for 500 people, was operated under the charge of Captain Levi Bellefeuille. Early passenger excursions departed from the waterfront area of Lombard Street. It also saw service as a lumber freighter. Within a few years, the vessel was bought by the Pioneer Navigation and Sand Company, then refitted and modified for use as a sand dredger.

On 20 September 1906, the vessel was pushed by strong winds into a nearby sand barge that it had just finished loading. The resulting collision tore a large hole in her port side and a start that was quickly extinguished by the influx of water. The flooding caused the hull to list heavily. The crew—consisting of cook S. Lincott, engineer George Long, fireman Archibald Hood, William Stonehouse, George Hawkes, and Captain Edward Cannell—managed to escape safely and they were able to save the steamer by lashing it to the barge with which it had collided. Further assistance was provided by the crew of the J. M. Smith which had been preparing to tow away the filled barge. The Alexandra was then fitted with skids and dragged on shore so the damage could be assessed. (This was the first notable accident with the vessel, aside from a minor incident in July 1904 where its mast clipped the Canadian Pacific Railway Main Line Bridge.) The ship was repaired and returned to service.

The Alexandra was sold around 1909. On the evening of 24 March 1910, while moored in the Red River several hundred yards upstream of the Norwood Docks, she was crippled by ice moving down the river. There was dramatic structural damage but the actual loss was minimal because the ship was in the process of being dismantled. With its dredging and steam equipment removed, the hull was converted into a barge. Its fate after this time is unknown.


Postcard of the steamboat Alexandra at St. Norbert (September 1907)
Rob McInnes, WP0448


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